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Carnaby Hot Wax 250gr

How would you feel about going 4 or even 5 weeks without thinking about waxing at all? Carnaby Cosmetics hot depilation wax offers you this luxury. After the first few applications you will find that waxing is much easier than you had thought. 

Our wax is the most natural method of depilation as it actually contains only 2 ingredients: Pine rosin and natural beeswax.It has been produced by Carnaby for 50 years with unadulterated natural raw materials of high quality which make it stand out.

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Hot wax is the ultimate choice for a gentle and effective depilation.

It is heated to a suitable temperature, melts gently and applied in a thin layer.

Then, with a swift pull, it removes the hair from the root, offering a

long-lasting effect and a feeling of smoothness. Centuries ago, in ancient civilizations,

waxing expressed beauty and hygiene. The people of that

time would depilate using mixtures of resin and beeswax.

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