The History Of Carnaby

This is a brief history of Carnaby Laboratories from 1970 until now

Forty years ago, in 1974, Carnaby labs, with care and expertise, entered the Greek market with its first product: the hot wax for facial hair depilation.

Its unique and consistent quality was key to the success of the product. Soon after, a line of complete care top quality products was created that outstood in the industry of depilation.

Producing in family owned facilities, Carnaby has managed to achieve exponential growth, placing it at the top of the sector in the Greek markets.

Think of how many hair removal methods exist; If you could travel back in time you could discover even more, which fortunately, do not exist in today’s world. So why still insist on hair removal with wax? The answer is simple. Waxing is the most natural and effective method of hair removal offering long lasting results.

Since 1974 Carnaby has constantly been creating new wax-based products and enhancing them with modern cosmetic ingredients. As result you get to to enjoy a clear and smooth skin all year round! Our product range is designed to meet the demands of your lifestyle, as well as every day’s moment.

Either it’s quick and immediate results or hair removal that lasts for weeks!

Your Carnaby is there for your every need.

The Greek beauty secret that gets passed from mother to daughter!


  • 1970 - The beginning of a journey

Our founder Malka Bensousan, restless and inquisitive, discovers an old recipe for depilatory wax and starts a small production. The distribution and promotion of the products started rather traditionally: by word of mouth. Soon, cosmetics stores of the time begun selling her products.

  • 1980 - Carnaby Laboratories

The household production evolves into a laboratory. A basement factory in Peristeri of Athens is where the dreams and aspirations begin, but soon many of them become reality since the product is so good. The establishment of Carnaby Laboratories naturally follows.

  • 1990 - No.1 in waxing facial hair

The wax for facial hair removal in the metallic cup, with the metallic holder and the wooden spatula goes “viral”. All the ladies of the time can easily get rid of unwanted hair on the chin, upper lip or cheeks by firing up the stove and warming Carnaby’s wax in the comfort of their own home.

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  • 2000 - Development and expansion of range

Carnaby Laboratories is now a well established company and its products can be found in all cosmetics stores and most super markets across Greece. The development and expansion of the product selection is essential. Along the popular hot wax others start to sprout: the Magic Blond, the Viso Blue, the waxing strips, the Roll-On and finally the hair removal creams. The bleaching Magic Blond cream takes off in sales and the Viso Blue cream for the face is gaining market share.

  • 2014 - New face, new Carnaby

The beginning of 2014 signifies a new era for Carnaby Laboratories since there is a total redesign of the logo and packaging template. Simultaneously, the launch of the hot wax with metallic base for heating up with a tealight, an innovative product, removes the need for a gas stove and offers the modern woman an even more comfortable approach to her personal care. Carnaby labs make another step towards the future of hair removal.

  • 2018- Carnaby Infinity

Carnaby Laboratories enter a new era, as they inaugurate a new series of care products named Carnaby Infinity. After months of research, careful strategic planning and detailed study, Carnaby Laboratories are pleased to present a new series of products that are able to make a huge difference in woman's body care.Products that were created in order to satisfy the Carnaby woman. Carnaby Infinity consists of two different types, Sprakling Infinity Body Oil and Sparkling Infinity Body Lotion in 5 enchanting fragrances that have won women all over Greece. At the same time, Protecta products (Camomile & Camomile & Aloe Vera / Camomile & Rose) were renewed and Oil After Depilation was added in our collection, an oil also suitable for massage.