Facial Hair Removal

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Removing unwanted facial hair is not an easy task! As Leonardo da Vinci said, “nothing is hidden under the sun”, and that is why hair removal is a necessary part in the care routine of every woman. According to a study by Bristol-Myers, over 20 million women remove unwanted facial hair once a week.

The upper lip, the cheeks, chin, cheekbones, sideburns, eyebrows are regions that can have unwanted hair and the use of a depilation method is required.

Your face needs special care and attention. Carnaby’s products have been skillfully created to take care even of the most sensitive areas of the body. Without odor nor color, which sometimes cause skin irritations, Carnaby’s products are designed to be delicate with the skin and leave it smooth for weeks. With 40 years of experience in hair removal, Carnaby has the solution you need.


Hot wax is suitable for facial use. Upper lip, cheeks, chin, cheeks and sideburns are some spots ideal for waxing using hot wax. Waxing your eyebrows though, despite being possible, requires high skill to achieve the desired result.


Carefully clean your skin, so that there is no trace of oils or greasiness, heat up the wax over low heat until it’s melted and has the consistency of honey, let it cool for a bit and then spread a thin and even layer of wax in the spot you want to epilate. Let it cool. Pull abruptly the cooled wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. You are done!


Waxing is one of the safest and most effective hair removal methods. It leaves your skin feeling velvety and its effects last up to five weeks since the hair is removed from its roots. Over time the hairs come out thinner and sparser. Also it is a very economical method since you depilate on your own.


In the beginning, using wax might be painful and requires a skillful hand, if you decide to wax on your own. It sometimes causes irritation, so it is good idea to avoid long sun exposure and swimming in the sea or pool the day of your waxing. Also, the hair you want to remove should be at least three millimeters long.

Get the new innovative patent of Carnaby Laboratories TODAY! Carnaby’s hot wax with the metallic spiral base and the tea light creates the perfect atmosphere to depilate on your own, safely at home. You can forget heating up the wax on a gas or regular stove, and easily create the perfect atmosphere for your personal care in your own bathroom. Devote a little extra time to yourself for depilation with hot wax and have a smooth and soft skin for more than four weeks.

Cosmetic depilation with cold wax strips
Carnaby’s facial depilatory strips have the ideal size for application at any point of the face without preparation. They weaken the hair and reduce the reappearance of fuzz making each subsequent application even simpler!


Warm up the strip in your palms, cut the strip on the line and open it carefully to spread the wax evenly on both sides. Apply the strip on a clean and dry skin, pressing in the direction of hair growth, so that it sticks firmly on the skin. Pull the strip sharply opposite of the direction of hair growth parallel to the skin.


Cold wax is effective and offers a silky smooth feeling for 2-4 weeks. It is a very economical, fast and easy method.


The hair reappears, relative to hot wax, rather quickly. It often causes irritation. Also, the hair should be at least three millimeters long to depilate perfectly.


Professional depilation with cold Roll-On wax

Carnaby’s cold Roll-On wax for the face brings professional hair removal to your home and helps you remove hair easily, quickly and economically. With the innovative Roll-On applicator, professional waxing is now a piece of cake. Also your skin stays silky smooth for up to four weeks.


The cold Roll-On wax made by Carnaby Laboratories is ready to use. Unscrew the Roll-On and remove the protective cover. Screw on the head you want to use. Warm up the tube by simply rubbing it between your palms and apply a thin layer of material, opposite to the direction of hair growth. Stick one thin fabric strip, from the ones included in the package, on the fresh wax and pull the strip sharply, opposite to the direction of hair growth


The Roll-On is a professional hair removal method which leaves your skin velvet for up to 4 weeks. Over time the hairs get thinner and sparser and it is a very economical method when you apply it on your own.


The hair reappears, relative to hot wax, rather quickly. It often causes irritation. Also, the hair should be at least three millimeters long to depilate.

Viso Blue cosmetic hair removal cream

For last-minute results and for sensitive areas, Carnaby Laboratories has created the Viso Blue cream. The gentle Viso Blue depilatory cream quickly and effectively removes hairs in sensitive areas such as the face. The active composition of Viso Blue removes unwanted hair, while its softening ingredients leave your skin irresistible.


Apply the cream with a wooden spatula evenly, so that it covers the hair. Wait for 5-6 minutes (no longer than 10 minutes) and remove the cream with the plastic spatula. Rinse immediately with plenty of cool water, avoid using soap or alcohol.


It is an extremely fast and completely painless method. You do not need any preparation and you can immediately leave the depilated areas uncovered. After use the skin remains very soft, since along with the unwanted hair, dead cells have also been removed from the skin’s surface (the accumulation of dead cells makes your skin dry).


Does not remove hairs from the root, thus they grow back relatively quickly. Sometimes it causes a temporary “whitening” on the region used.

Beauty Care with the Magic BlondTM bleaching cream

If you are not yet familiar with the concept of hair removal or if the interval between depilating seems long, try the Magic Blond bleaching cream. A unique product by Carnaby Laboratories, which leaves your skin smooth and eliminates even the darkest of hairs … magic!


Clean the area you want to bleach with cold water and soap. Prepare the mixture according to the instructions and apply it with a spatula to the area you want to bleach, completely covering the hair. After 15 min remove the mixture, using a spatula. Rinse well with cold water.

Beauty Care with the Viso Blue growth inhibitory gel

When is your plan to depilate next? With the revolutionary Viso Blue growth inhibitory gel by Carnaby Laboratories you will go off schedule! Thanks to Capislow, an herbal ingredient, the reappearance of hair slows significantly.


You can use the Viso Blue Gel, after any epilation method. After waxing, thoroughly dry your skin. Apply the Viso Blue Gel directly to the desired area. Gently massage until the gel is completely absorbed. For best results you should repeat the process twice a day for 28 days.

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