The proper way to epilate

The proper way to epilate


Whichever method you have chosen for waxing your face or body, you should not forget that meticulous preparation and appropriate use of materials is required.

Before epilation
For hair removal ... without surprises, make sure to have clean, oil-free skin. Hair absorbs moisture which causes it to be softer. For this reason, hair should be dry when epilating. The skin of the area you want to epilate must also be completely dry. Exfoliating with a scrub or a luffa will help you achieve a more effective epilation since it will pull even the smallest of hairs. Even if you have followed the instructions carefully before you begin waxing try the temperature somewhere on your body anyway. Be extra attentive when epilating skin with acne; we advise you to consult with your dermatologist in order to find a method appropriate to your situation.

During epilation
Hot wax: If this is the first time you are using hot wax, remember to keep your skin well stretched, relax and be sure to breathe normally. Being relaxed will ease any discomfort you might feel, which we assure you will decrease with each subsequent waxing session. Keep the wooden spatula or wax applicator at a 45o angle while you are appling the hot wax on your skin. Be sure to spread one thin layer of wax in the direction in which the hairs grow. For facial hair removal, heat the wax a bit less than what you would for body hair removal. The skin on the face is usually more sensitive than the skin on the body.

Cold wax: If you use cold wax strips or Roll-On be sure to thoroughly soften the wax. For strips specifically separate them carefully, completely stick them to your skin and pull opposite to the direction of hair growth.

Depilatory cream: Apply the cream uniformly. Do not epilate the same place twice and always rinse with cold water without using soap after each application.

After waxing
After waxing it is advisable to choose comfortable and airy clothing to minimize friction with your skin. If you absolutely must go out in the sun after waxing, then use sunscreen. Of course, it is better if you stayed away from the sun for at least 12 hours after waxing. If you have used hair removal cream, you can also use After Depilation Emulsion.

Between hair removal sessions
Be sure to exfoliate your skin often between hair removal sessions; it helps the skin remain soft and less likely to develop in-grown hairs. Moreover, since during the summer we sweat a lot, talc powder is a very good solution to absorb the extra moisture. A suntan lotion with a high protection factor is ideal for areas that have just been epilated. The ideal length of hair for hair removal is 3mm. If your hair is very dark and this suggested length seems excessive, try a bleaching cream such as Carnaby’s Magic Blond.