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25 Apr 2019
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Mission wardrobe: This way you will put your clothes in order

We are at a time when we must gradually make some changes to our closet. You have to leave very thick winter clothes and replace them by the most “light” summer garments. This period of change of clothes in the wardrobe is a “nightmare” for every woman. The reason is that it takes a lot of time to reorganize. But there is no time and the result is to do half the work and not to find the clothes you […]

11 Apr 2019
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You want to have a haircut? First make these questions!

For several moments in our lives, we want to make some major changes to our appearance. One of these is the change in the hair and specifically to cut it. Before moving on to such a great change, however, that is necessary at a time of renewal like spring, it is a good idea to have some questions about your hairdresser in your mind. Will the routine get into styling? The first and probably the most basic questions to be […]

11 Apr 2019
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How often do you have to change your bra?

Bras are necessary for every woman’s appearance, but unfortunately they are quite uncomfortable and most are wearied wearing them. Besides, most women who do as soon as they return home are to pull their bra. And then they feel a sense of great satisfaction. The purpose of this underwear is to relieve your chest, but it often has the exact opposite effect. Have you wondered why this happens in many cases? Generally, there is an informal rule that says all […]

27 Mar 2019
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Tips for treating allergies

We are at the heart of the spring. An era full of beautiful images but also full of allergies that can spoil your mood. But we have a lot of advice for you who want to deal with these unwanted allergies. Stay away from poller Allergens, such as e.g. the pollen of the plants, can cause allergic reactions. Due to its small weight, pollen can be transported anywhere, as the air can carry it too far from the source of […]

27 Mar 2019

Five ways to deal with morning stress

We live at a time when most of us wake up in the morning with great anxiety. This is mainly due to the fact that we do not sleep well because of the accumulated anxiety we have throughout the day. But we are here to help you by proposing five ways to combat this unpleasant feeling in the early hours of the day. Reduce the pressure Meditation, regular exercise and a balanced and healthy diet can help minimize stress. In […]

27 Mar 2019
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10 fastening meals with low calories

We are now in the heart of Lent, and in less than a month we will enter the Holy Week. So there are few who fascinate this time, and that’s why we have suggestions for fastening dishes that have only a few calories. FEED WITH CHEESE Full meal: -1 serving lentils (250 g) -30 g crumbly cheese salted cauliflower, -1 slice of bread -2 small oranges FASHION WITH CHEESE Full meal: -1 portion of bean soup (250 g) -30 g […]

26 Feb 2019
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All time classic beauty tips

There are many different ways you can do some very simple things but they will greatly help you to improve your appearance. Surely Carnaby Cosmetics hair removal and care products can make your skin silk. But there are some tips that if you follow you will have the ideal result. Fruit, vegetables and water Outdoor beauty is something that starts with your diet. Whatever care products you use, if your diet is not full of fruits and vegetables and if […]

22 Feb 2019
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Are you bored of being on a diet? We have the solution

May the winter have not yet farewell to us, but in a few months summer is coming and we know you want to appear on the beach being at your best! Diet is a great way, of course, to lose the extra pounds that disturb you and make you feel somewhat bad. But many women are tired of consolation, but they want a healthy and well-trained body. That’s why we offer you some tips on how to do this. Stay […]

19 Feb 2019
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This way you will encounter cellulite at home

Surely summer can now look like it’s too far away. But it is not too early to start trying to fight against cellulite that may be troublesome to you. It is essentially the “nightmare” of most women and it is essentially the folding of fat tissue accompanied by fluid retention, which has become toxic. It’s definitely a big barrier to feeling confident, but the positive thing is that if you follow some steps, then you may see far better results. […]

15 Feb 2019
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This way you will lose weight in a short time

Suddenly there is an important appointment, and because of a few extra pounds you do not have the confidence you need in such a case. But there is a list of five steps that can help you lose as much pounds in just 2 days! Shed calorie consumption from 1500 to 1000! For only two days, try to lower your daily calorie consumption from 1500 to just 1000! This way you will be able to instantly lose some pounds. Your […]