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25 Apr 2019
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This way you will persecute black spots

One of the biggest enemies of every woman is the annoying black spots that appear on her face. But we will help you deal with them through five tips. Tip 1 The first thing you have to do before doing anything else is to put in your daily grooming, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a good sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect you from the harmful sun rays that significantly worsen the problem of black spots. Tip 2 […]

22 Jan 2019
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This way you will protect your face from dry skin in the winter

Whether you like it or not, winter must admit that it has its own – its – disadvantages. One of these is the very low temperatures that characterize it. The intense cold then results in you feeling your skin generally dry and this will cause your makeup to “break” quite often, which is annoying. Of course, as in all, so in this case there are ways to fight dry skin on your face. Water, water and water again! Keep your […]

15 Jan 2019
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Cold and Skin

We are in the heart of the winter, and this year has shown the “teeth” all over Greece this year. Apart from the problems caused by traveling, vicious illness and many others, a very important issue is our skin. The very low temperatures that prevail, as well as the heat and cold changes can cause a lot of problems to your skin. You come out of a warm place out in the cold and these alternations make your skin dry […]