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25 Jan 2019
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Gentle Depilatory Cream Viso Blue

Carnaby Cosmetics, thanks to its long experience in the area of women’s hair removal and skin care, is constantly developing products that can meet a wide range of the requirements of modern Greek women. Beyond the known ways of depilation, such as candle and movies, Carnaby’s workshops also provide for women who do not feel ready to use one of these methods. For this reason, Viso Blue soft cream was created for quick results even in the most sensitive areas […]

18 Jan 2019
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Care and delight

At Carnaby Cosmetics for over 4 decades, we have been working with a unique skin care approach. We want to put a new “touch” on our new products every time. The great experience and specialised knowledge led to the creation of another product that is based on the care of the woman. The reason for Oil After Depilation, which adds to a very wide range of hair removal products. With Oil After Depilation, Carnaby Laboratories guarantee that after the epilating […]

15 Nov 2018
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Cold wax epilation body strips

We live at a time when our society’s rhythms are too fast and the time we have for ourselves is limited. As a result, many women are complaining that they do not have time for depilation and prefer to use a razor. In another text on our website you can find out the comparison between the razor and the depilatory cream. Apart from this comparison, Carnaby’s depilatory Body Strips, offer every woman what she always wanted. Their use is easier […]

14 Nov 2018
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Velvety effect that lasts weeks

Depilation is one of the most important issues that concerns women. They always want to have a velvety skin that will make them stand out. The issue of skin and unwanted hair growth is often critical when it comes to women’s self-confidence. For this reason, Carnaby Cosmetics create professional hair removal products that will give you a great result without having to leave your home. How would you feel if you could spend your summer, Christmas or Easter holidays, without […]

02 Aug 2018
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Myths and Facts

Myth: Shaving is the most effective method of hair removal.  Shaving is a temporary solution and unwanted hair will be back a few hours after you shave. Using Carnaby’s suggested products your skin will be soft and smooth for up to six weeks. Fact: Unwanted hair regrows slower when using hot wax or depilatory creams.  With hot wax, hair is removed from the root, thus growing back slowly. With depilatory creams the time hair takes to grow back is shorter compared […]

02 Aug 2018
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Shaving or Hair Removal Cream

Shaving and depilatory creams are considered the easiest, quickest and most painless methods of hair removal. That is why a large percentage of women prefer them. However, beyond the advantage of speed and lack of pain, there are several disadvantages that should be taken into account, most notably the possibility of being injured Shaving Shaving is the method most commonly used to remove unwanted hair, but is it suitable for women? The razor’s blade cuts the end of hair, leaving a sharp […]

02 Aug 2018
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Sensitive areas

A complete skin care is very important! Surely you do not want to carry razors with you during your vacation and shave your underarms or the bikini area every day. Shaving your armpits with a razor can be an easy solution, but you should know that it will only last for a few hours. Late at night, you might discover that the hair has grown back. The same will happen during the summer with your bikini area. In the morning, you’re going to feel […]

02 Aug 2018
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Facial Hair Removal

Removing unwanted facial hair is not an easy task! As Leonardo da Vinci said, “nothing is hidden under the sun”, and that is why hair removal is a necessary part in the care routine of every woman. According to a study by Bristol-Myers, over 20 million women remove unwanted facial hair once a week. The upper lip, the cheeks, chin, cheekbones, sideburns, eyebrows are regions that can have unwanted hair and the use of a depilation method is required. Your face needs […]

02 Aug 2018
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Various depilation methods

The issue of depilation has been a huge concern for women for many years and that’s the reason why we will refer to other methods that are not covered in the rest of our website. Tweezers This method is only applicable to the eyebrow area where precision is required. Electrolysis In the late 1980s, physicists tried to kill the root of the hair by inserting and turning a needle with sulfuric acid into the hair follicle. During the 20th century, […]

02 Aug 2018
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Hair and hair growth

Hair is essentially keratin formations that grow from the sebaceous glands on the skin. Their primary purpose is to protect us from being cold. Each hair comprises of the stem, the part located outside the skin, the root which is inside the skin and the bulb, the thickened end of the root. Each hair goes through a cycle consisting of three stages. First stage – Anagen (growing) stage. This is the stage in which the hair is born inside the follicle from […]