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11 Jan 2019
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The ultimate protection for every woman

Since its inception, Carnaby Cosmetics has as its main goal to treat and protect the female skin and to help each woman feel confident. And may Carnaby have managed to be very high in the preference of the Greek purchasing community, but this is in no way associated with being stagnant to the previous achievements. The goal has always been and is to continually improve the level of service offered to women for their care. In this context, it has […]

04 Oct 2018
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Nail Trends- Autumn 2018

Summer has passed and now we enjoy autumn and we are getting ready for winter, which means that the nail tendencies are changing. So, if you’re wondering how should you keep your nails this season, we have all the answers. Natural and short nails: It’s a good choice for women who want to easily do daily things that they can’ t do if they have long nails. Short and square nails: This is a very practical and impressive shape, which […]

02 Aug 2018
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Sensitive areas

A complete skin care is very important! Surely you do not want to carry razors with you during your vacation and shave your underarms or the bikini area every day. Shaving your armpits with a razor can be an easy solution, but you should know that it will only last for a few hours. Late at night, you might discover that the hair has grown back. The same will happen during the summer with your bikini area. In the morning, you’re going to feel […]