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25 Apr 2019
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This way you will persecute black spots

One of the biggest enemies of every woman is the annoying black spots that appear on her face. But we will help you deal with them through five tips. Tip 1 The first thing you have to do before doing anything else is to put in your daily grooming, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a good sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect you from the harmful sun rays that significantly worsen the problem of black spots. Tip 2 […]

11 Apr 2019
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You want to have a haircut? First make these questions!

For several moments in our lives, we want to make some major changes to our appearance. One of these is the change in the hair and specifically to cut it. Before moving on to such a great change, however, that is necessary at a time of renewal like spring, it is a good idea to have some questions about your hairdresser in your mind. Will the routine get into styling? The first and probably the most basic questions to be […]

26 Feb 2019
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All time classic beauty tips

There are many different ways you can do some very simple things but they will greatly help you to improve your appearance. Surely Carnaby Cosmetics hair removal and care products can make your skin silk. But there are some tips that if you follow you will have the ideal result. Fruit, vegetables and water Outdoor beauty is something that starts with your diet. Whatever care products you use, if your diet is not full of fruits and vegetables and if […]

15 Feb 2019
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This way you will lose weight in a short time

Suddenly there is an important appointment, and because of a few extra pounds you do not have the confidence you need in such a case. But there is a list of five steps that can help you lose as much pounds in just 2 days! Shed calorie consumption from 1500 to 1000! For only two days, try to lower your daily calorie consumption from 1500 to just 1000! This way you will be able to instantly lose some pounds. Your […]

12 Feb 2019
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In love with skin care

We are two days away from the holiday of lovers, the Valentine’s Day. Others are eager to celebrate with their comrades and others are not interested at all for this particular day. Wherever you belong to, however, one thing is for sure. Everyone have to be every day of the year with your body and your skin. Whatever your body goes through is always with you. And on the other hand your skin is your image, what you show to […]

25 Jan 2019
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Gentle Depilatory Cream Viso Blue

Carnaby Cosmetics, thanks to its long experience in the area of women’s hair removal and skin care, is constantly developing products that can meet a wide range of the requirements of modern Greek women. Beyond the known ways of depilation, such as candle and movies, Carnaby’s workshops also provide for women who do not feel ready to use one of these methods. For this reason, Viso Blue soft cream was created for quick results even in the most sensitive areas […]

04 Jan 2019
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How you are going to lose the weight you gained during holidays

Christmas celebrations are now in the past and we are all back to normal. However, most of us have gone through a lot of misconduct, and we have to find ways to lose the pounds we have got all these days. Fiber Fibers contained in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain cereals achieve a satiety feeling faster and relatively low in calories. In addition, they delay the absorption of food sugars, resulting in the stabilization of blood sugar, especially after a […]

21 Dec 2018
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Ideas for festive makeup that will make you stand out

In the Christmas season, all women want to be at their best. Leave behind the time that leaves and welcome the new one with a look that will make them stand out. Of course a unique look can be achieved in many ways. First of all, however, you need to make sure you apply the Body Oil and Body Lotion products of the Carnaby Infinity series and enjoy the silky skin that will give you. From then on, once you […]

20 Dec 2018
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This Christmas it is going to be YOU the one who shines!

Christmas is approaching and all women have in mind what they will do at the new year’s eve in order to “steal” the impressions with their appearance and also to welcome the new year with their best. Usually this time of year, the show with their “shine” steals the trees and the beautifully decorated houses. This year, thanks to Carnaby Cosmetics, get ready to be the one who will make the difference, the one who will shine and take all […]

14 Dec 2018
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Ideal dresses for the New Year’s Eve

The Christmas celebrations are just around the corner. The reverie approaches and all women are looking for what they will wear to show as charming as possible. But before we move on to some of our suggestions, whatever you wear and wear, the difference will be made using the Carnaby Infinity products. Sparkling Body Oil and Lotion will give your skin a silky smooth effect and an irresistible shine! Of course very important is the dress you will choose and […]