Viso Strips™


Cold wax depilatory strips for the face
So easy to use, you’ll love them!
Carnaby’s depilatory strips for the face have the ideal size for application at any point of the face without any preparation. They weaken hair and reduce the reappearance of fuzz making all following uses even simpler!

At a glance

For all skin types


10 – 20 minutes


2 – 4 weeks


Face, Armpits, Bikini area


48 depilatory cold wax strips, 3 Azulene-enriched wipes for after waxing care



Usage instructions

  • Heat the strips with your hand. You could also use a hair dryer. During summer and hot days, the strips can be applied without warming.
  • Cut the strips between the wax patches using a pair of scissors and open them carefully to spread the wax evenly on both sides. Use both sides.
  • Clean your skin using a bit of alcohol, so that there is no trace of oil.
  • Apply the strip by pressing in the direction of the hairs so that it sticks firmly on your skin.
  • Pull the strip film opposite to the direction of hair growth parallel to the skin.
  • Any residues could be removed with the Azulene wipes contained in box which also treat red spots.
  • After waxing, use Carnaby’s After Depilation Emulsion. For best results, depilate hair that is at least 3mm long.

Instruction pointers


Carefully follow the above instructions

● The product is suitable for facial use. It is unsuitable for use on the head, body or sensitive areas

● Before use, make sure your skin is dry and without oil.

● Avoid using on areas with varicose veins, cuts, irritations, blemishes, pimples, wounds or if your skin has severe acne or is sunburnt

● Do not use the product if you have a skin disease without consulting with your doctor

● If you have never tried depilation with strips before, we suggest you try depilating a small area on your legs first and if after 24 hours there is no irritation, proceed with waxing

● After each depilation session wait 24 hours before using deodorant, perfume, lotion, antiperspirant

● We advise not to sunbathe for the next 12 hours

● Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes

● Keep in a dry and cool place

● If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the product’s box.



● POISON CENTER: 210 7793777


Depilatory strips
Triethylene glycol rosinate, Glyceryl rosinate, Pentaerythrityl rosinate, Colophony, Triethylene glycol, Cera alba, BHT, Tris (nonylphenyl) phosphite, Perfume, Colour

Mineral oil, Caprillic / capric triglycerie, Calendula oil, Arnica oil, Chamomile oil, Pelargonium oil, Vitamin E oil, a-Bisabolol, Azulene, Perfume

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