Hair removal hot wax set with base and tealight


An Innovative new patent comes from Carnaby Laboratories for personal relaxing beauty-care moments.
The new product by Carnaby Laboratories will create the perfect atmosphere to depilate at home easily and safely.
The special metallic stand and the tealight, will make you forget the long process of heating the wax up on a regular or gas stove and offers the proper conditions for your personal care.

At a glance

For all skin types


30 – 35 minutes


4 – 5 weeks


Face, Armpits, Bikini area, Belly, Arms, Legs


2 aluminum 60gram cups, 1 wooden spatula 1 metallic spiral base, 1 metallic handle, 1 tealight, Instructions



Usage instructions

  • Place the cup with the wax onto the spiral base and light up the tealight.
  • Place the spiral base with the cup over the tealight candle, and let it warm up for about 13 minutes, until the wax is completely melted.

Note: Warming up the wax for more than the recommended time, does not increase the temperature of the wax.

  • Put out the tealight candle and let the wax cool for about 5 minutes, so that the content reaches a working temperature of about 60oC.
  • Clean your skin using a bit of alcohol, so that there is no trace of oil.
  • Test the temperature before applying.
  • With the provided wooden spatula, spread a thin and even layer of wax on the spot you want to depilate, following the direction of hair growth and leave it for few seconds until the wax is hard.
  • With one hand stretch your skin and with the other pull the hardened wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.The movement should be abrupt and parallel to the skin.
  • For skin care after waxing use Carnaby’s Azulene-enriched wet wipes and Carnaby’s After Depilation Emulsion.

See how easy it was? Make sure to avoid exposure to the sunlight for at least six hours, since your skin is more sensitive after waxing.

Instruction pointers

Carefully follow the above instructions

● Do not overheat the product

● Avoid using open flames due to the risk of ignition

● If ignition occurs immediately turn off / put out the heat source and remove the wax without spilling any with the metallic handle

● Avoid all contact, both with the product and the metal bowl, due to risk of getting burnt.

● Before use, make sure your skin is dry and without oil

● Avoid waxing areas with varicose veins, cuts, irritations, blemishes, pimples, wounds or if your skin has severe acne or is sunburnt

● Do not use the product if you have a skin disease prior to consulting your doctor

● If you have never tried waxing before, we suggest you try waxing a small area on your legs first and if after 24 hours there is no irritation, proceed with waxing

● If you feel stinging or burning during epilation, immediately remove the wax using baby-oil and rinse well with water. If the sensation persists consult with your doctor

● After each waxing session wait 24 hours before using deodorant, perfume, lotion or antiperspirant

● We advise you not to sunbathe for the next 12 hours

● Do not wax areas shaven with a razor within 72 hours

● Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes

● Keep in a dry and cool place

● If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the product’s box.



● POISON CENTER: 210 7793777


Colophonium, Di-C12-13 alkyl maleate, Cera alba, Paraffinum liquidum. May contain CI.12010

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