With these clothes you will look thinner

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For a perfect appearance, do not neglect to use Carnaby Cosmetics hair removal and care products, but the clothes you choose also play a very important role.

This is because the right choices make it just as impossible for you to find the right clothes. So see what these options are.

  • Dress with just one color. It’s a very simple solution to make you look even weaker and taller.
  • The rule of colors. When you want to “camouflage” some areas of your body, then it is best to use dark colors.
  • Beware of the belts. If you have extra pounds in the abdomen, then it would be preferable to avoid belts.
  • Blouses with V. Most stylists around the world agree that jerseys with V can nowhere to remove pounds from your appearance through the phenomenon of ophthalmopathy.
  • Pointy shoes. Pointed shoes are yet another option that you may not have thought of, but the nose that they do in their finishing makes them look more slim.
  • Black clothes. It is the classic solution and most women know it. However, in this case a golden incision has to be found, as black can weaken, but it is not a happy and pleasant color.

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