What to eat during the Holy Week

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We are just before Easter and many are the ones who decide to fasten these days. It may be a short time, but many find no food choices. That’s why we suggest some ideas that will make your life simpler.

Holy Monday – Vegetable burgers

The week begins with hearty burgers. Only in this case minced meat is replaced with vegetables. Do not worry, it’s just as delicious as normal! For a companion, we chose the well-known and favorite bean. Rich in protein and iron, accompanied by fresh onion and lots of lemon and natural anchovies, rich in omega-three fat.

Holy Tuesday – Octopus with a spicy macaroni

The octopus is of low calorie and low cholesterol. Per 100 g offers vitamin A (45 units), phosphorus (186 mg), zinc (1.68 mg) and sodium (230 mg). It is ideally combined with a spicy macaroni and a fresh tomato, creating a hearty and delicious dish. We chose to accompany it with a fresh rocket salad to enrich the meal with vitamins and fiber.

Holy Wednesday – Spinach Cuttlefish

Something knew … Popey and he ate large amounts of spinach. It is a food rich in many nutrients, such as vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folic acid, magnesium, but also contains magnesium, iron, vitamin C, calcium, B complex vitamins and, of course, fiber. We choose to associate it with cuttlefish, rich in amino acids and zinc, the nutrients necessary for the production of hormones that are related to the reproductive system.

Holy Thursday – Squid stuffed with ouzo

In a pan warm the ouzo (care not to boil) and add the olive oil, tomato, pepper and bay leaves. Remove from the fire and put it in a bowl. Wash the squid well in and out, ripping the recess under the head without cutting it completely. Sink the squid in the marinade, cover the bowl and leave it in the refrigerator all night. Saute the onion until it is softened and add the peppers and mushrooms. Allow until the liquids are absorbed and add coriander, salt and pepper. Stir well. Drain the squids and fill them with the mixture and if necessary, close any gaps with a toothpick. Salt the peppers and place the squids on aluminum foil without turning them off and sprinkling them with the marinade. Place it in a preheated grill (about 200 degrees) or charcoal and bake for 12 to 15 minutes by turning it frequently.

Put the rest of the marinade in a pot together with vegetable broth, sugar, salt, pepper and boil over high heat until half of the liquid remains. Cut the squid in slices and pour over the sauce.

Holy Friday – Mydopilaphos

After defrosting and washing the mussels, put them in a saucepan with ouzo and half of the wine and leave to boil for 10 minutes. Then drain and keep the zoom. In a large, deep pan, heat the olive oil and sauté the dried onions and as soon as they soften, add the garlic (finely chopped) and the rice and stir until the rice gets a golden color. Immediately afterwards, add the juice that is left of the mussels and hot water (in proportion to 2 cups of water for a rice bowl). Boil the rice over medium heat and cover for 12 minutes. In the same deep frying pan, put the tomatoes, mussels and all other ingredients and continue to cook on moderate heat until the food does not have many liquids. When it’s ready we serve it garnished with a little chopped fresh onion. Enjoyable!

Holy Saturday – Salad with boiled vegetables

For the “Saturday’s” menu, opinions are divided, since some people are in the morning and then eat normally, and others are socializing after the Resurrection, so they do not eat at midday. We follow the tactics of the latter, not so much as to be able to socialize “clean” but not to bruise before cooking, and we recommend for a noon a very light and fasting dish, such as a salad with boiled vegetables.

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