Waxing with … beauty drops

κερί, αποτρίχωση, κόκκοι

All Carnaby Cosmetics products are designed with a view to what every modern Greek woman needs in terms of her appearance. Of course, we also have to take into account the fact that, increasingly, what interests us is to have the best possible result combined with the minimum cost and really fast.

A combination that many people may think is quite difficult. For us, however, people who like challenges, we have the answer to this problem. And this is none other than the hot granulated wax from Carnaby Cosmetics.

In this way, it is not necessary to heat the whole amount of wax. Just the amount you want to use, depending on the area you are aiming for epilating. This way you can treat your complexion quickly and economically.

It is worth spending time on yourself for your skin as the hair removal with Carnaby Cosmetics products will easily give you a wonderful result and a silky skin that will fill you with care for several weeks!

So do not miss the “magic” beauty drops, as we like to call the granules that contain the particular product.

Instructions for use

  1. Carefully clean your skin with alcohol so that there are no traces of greasy
  2. Select the amount of candle you need. The sachet contains 180 grams of wax in drops
  3. Heat in the cup at low temperature, a similar amount of wax until it becomes thick
  4. Allow the candle to cool down for a short time to reach its operating temperature (60 ° C). Try its temperature before applying it
  5. With the spatula, apply a thin and uniform wax layer to the place you want to remove by following the direction of the hair
  6. Leave a few seconds until a crust occurs
  7. Stretch the skin with one hand and with the other pull the coating in the opposite direction of the hair. The movement must be fast and parallel to the skin

Did you see how easy it was? Be sure to avoid the sun for one day, because your skin after epilation is more sensitive.

For post-depilation care, take care of Carnaby after waxing with azzulene and the oil after depilation, which relieves the skin, while it can also be used as massage oil.

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