Velvety effect that lasts weeks

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Depilation is one of the most important issues that concerns women. They always want to have a velvety skin that will make them stand out.

The issue of skin and unwanted hair growth is often critical when it comes to women’s self-confidence. For this reason, Carnaby Cosmetics create professional hair removal products that will give you a great result without having to leave your home.

How would you feel if you could spend your summer, Christmas or Easter holidays, without even thinking about the epilation?

Does it look like a science fiction scenario? Here at Carnaby Cosmetics we have been working for nearly 50 years now to make possible everything that others may think is unrealistic.

In this case, we achieve this with Carnaby’s warm waxing wax, which will give you a velvet effect for 4-5 weeks.

Its unique composition and practical packaging make it ideal for use on the face, sensitive areas, but also for the whole body. After first apps you will find it much easier than you thought.

You will just spend a little time one day to take care of yourself and your skin. The result you see will reward you, since you will be carefree for several weeks.

Instructions for use

  1. Carefully clean your skin with alcohol so that there are no traces of greasy
  2. Heat the contents on low heat until melted and get the appearance of honey
  3. Allow the candle to cool down for a while to reach a temperature of use (60 ° C). Try its temperature before applying it
  4. With the spatula, apply a thin layer of wax to the place you want to wax by following the direction of the hair
  5. Leave a few seconds until it becomes crusty
  6. Stretch the skin with one hand and with the other pull the coating in the opposite direction of the hair. The movement must be fast and parallel to the skin

For caring after waxing, you should get Carnaby special wipes. They are impregnated with azzulene. Also you could buy the oil after depilation, an oil that can also be used for massage.

The handle contained in the 60 gr and 250 gr packages helps you place the cup in the heater and move the cup to use the candle.

Finally, it’s a good day to just avoid exposure to the sun because your skin after waxing will be more sensitive.

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