Top trends in hairstyles this winter

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Winter is just around the corner and we are introducing the top trends that are expected to prevail, especially in relation to your hairstyles.

Natural length

This year’s honor will be given to women who do not want to spend too much time with their hair. This is because, according to the trends that exist, you must let your hair fall naturally on your shoulders.

Wet Look

This is a more bold choice, but this year is one of the most important trends of the time. Specifically, this is a wet look with drawn hair behind the ears, with a more relaxed pull than you have seen in previous years.

Bright colors

If the previous trend was bold, then what to say about this one! Bright colors, phosphorescent shades, blue electrics, pink, yellow fluorescence and whatever else you imagine!

Light curls

In the summer, the curls were more stylish, but now things are more relaxed and apply light curls or even natural if your wool has this potential.

Very short hair

We have already seen it from many models dare it, as this year’s fashion imposes itself as short as possible, with the ideal being the haircut that reaches the earlobe.


This winter knitting has its honor. The braids are in fashion but not in their simple form. They catch the whole head and end up at the edges.


This style has been loved by many women in the past and that’s why it came back to fashion this year. It can be a scarf, a simple ribbon or even a sports headband for the gym. But everything looks right if you combine it correctly with the rest of the outfit.

Hair like a bowl

This is a hairstyle that was fashionable in the 90s but it is now back. A hairstyle ideal for women with strong features on the face, which gives femininity and prestige

Grunge look

We have reached the most daring hairstyle, which can be supported by few women. The grunge look or the look of the rocks, adds the messy wet look, the worn-out wool and the absolutely-cut mowing. Revolutionary, youthful and fresh proposal for 2018!

Parting on the side

We’ve seen the parting sometimes right, other left and other in the center. This year, however, the trend requires it to be placed on the side. Straighten your hair with the hair dryer or just dry it and put the side part on the side.

Special horsetails

Try to make as strange tights as possible and then you will be in fashion! Do not worry about having the perfect tress, since the more messy you are so fashionable you will look!

Sparkling hair

As you have understood from most of the styles we have mentioned above, this year’s fashion is natural wool and for this reason is on the list and the afro. The so-called sava is now accepted in fashion too!


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