This way you will shine on Christmas

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The Christmas season is primarily the one in which all women want to stand out and be full of glamor.

This is a period that, among other things, marks the end of a year and the entrance to a new, full of dreams and goals for something better.

That’s why all people want to welcome the new year with the best possible, more charming and glamorous look.

You can do that in a number of ways which we are going we will then analyze. First of all, you should not forget to use Body Lotion and Body Oil from the Carnaby Infinity series, which will give you an irresistible glow. Beyond that, there are five small “tricks” that will give you extra impetus if you follow them.

Bright eyebrows-red lipstick-eyeliner

This is probably the most common look that a woman can do for either Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Moreover, red is the prime colour of this celebration, while a delicate line of eyeliner is what we need in order not to have a very excessive effect.

Smokey-eye and nude lips

This style is appropriate for those women who want a painting designed to show off their eyes. There is no reason to worry that the result will be excessive. Painting in the eyes will be balanced by nude lips.

Purple lipstick-brown shadow-bronze powder

For some women this style may seem risky and excessive, but it is mainly for a woman with more rock character. In this case, however, you should be careful what clothes you are going to wear. Prefer just a white colour.

Bronze (or metallic) shadow-red lipstick

A highly Christmas choice, but you have to watch out with the use of the golden shade. Because of the bright red lipstick, excessive results can occur.

Cat-eye and burgundy lipstick

It looks quite like what we mentioned in the first issue but has some peculiarities. In this style you have to watch the line of the eyeliner so that it is not too long and avoid the excess.

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