This way you will persecute black spots

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One of the biggest enemies of every woman is the annoying black spots that appear on her face. But we will help you deal with them through five tips.

Tip 1

The first thing you have to do before doing anything else is to put in your daily grooming, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a good sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect you from the harmful sun rays that significantly worsen the problem of black spots.

Tip 2

Patches are the most popular blacksmith fighting products and more and more sophisticated designs are released every season. These stickers enter the chin and the nose and remove a large part of the black spots within minutes.

Tip 3

Choose a face cleanser with BHA or AHA. These two ingredients help to deal with acne and black spots and make wonders in the face.

Tip 4

Make a mask with egg white and you will be surprised with the result. Put a small amount of white on your nose and then add a little paper towels from above. He spread a little egg white again and added a little kitchen paper. Let the egg act for 5 minutes and then remove the remains. Wash your nose well with a cleaner and you will feel placid how much the black spots from your face will have diminished.

Tip 5

Change your diet and significantly reduce the fatty foods that cause a problem in your skin. Drink plenty of water and if you smoke then you have to make the difficult decision and quit smoking completely.

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