This way you will lose weight in a short time

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Suddenly there is an important appointment, and because of a few extra pounds you do not have the confidence you need in such a case. But there is a list of five steps that can help you lose as much pounds in just 2 days!

Shed calorie consumption from 1500 to 1000!

For only two days, try to lower your daily calorie consumption from 1500 to just 1000! This way you will be able to instantly lose some pounds. Your calorie consumption will be less than your body needs to stay in the pounds that are now.

Low calorie foods but high in nutritional value

This combination is the best possible in all cases, let alone when you want to lose pounds immediately. The ideal is to prefer vegetables and protein-rich foods such as chicken without skin and fish. Also for the “plenty” in the day you can eat some fruits or whole grains.

Water and only water

We guess that you may like beverages a lot but, besides being addictive, they are also unhealthy while they “load” with lots of calories. That’s why you need to drink only too much, too much water!

Aerobic exercises

Running and cycling are two very useful fitness choices to burn more calories and further stimulate your body, helping it to lose even more weight.

Gymnastics of empowerment

All four of the above mentioned steps are very important, but it would be very good to add some strength training to cover your body’s overall needs!

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