This way you are going to organize the best New Year’s Eve

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We are just before the official arrival of this Christmas and we will dedicate this text to you who will choose not to go out to a restaurant or shop this time, but to make your own refectory, hosting a friend and relatives in your home.

Surely you will want everything to be perfect and be all satisfied. The weather, however, passes and you are stressed, so it is advisable to follow the following tips.

The guest list

It is important to first make a list of people you are about to call. Initially it is important that the final number goes hand in hand with the capabilities of your home. Also, just call people with whom you have good relationships, and not just people with a commitment.

Prepare the house early

It is very important several days before the rebellion to do a good cleaning at home. So when the days are near, all you have to do is a simple freshening that will not “eat” you for so long.

What are we going to eat?

And of course we go to the perhaps harder part of the evening. What you will cook for your guests. Make sure you do not go to “strange” and gourmet dishes, but to what you know will generally like. Prepare as much as you can from the day before and leave for the last minute what must be fresh.

And what about drinks?

Of course a good food must be accompanied by a good drink. A good solution is to make a corner at a table where there will be various drinks, such as wines and whiskey. The important thing is to remember to refresh the ice frequently.

And for the end what?

A good host must have provided for what his guests will do at the end of the meal Ideally, you can make a table for those who want to play cards and some other space for those who want a table or relaxing chat.

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