The ultimate protection for every woman

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Since its inception, Carnaby Cosmetics has as its main goal to treat and protect the female skin and to help each woman feel confident.

And may Carnaby have managed to be very high in the preference of the Greek purchasing community, but this is in no way associated with being stagnant to the previous achievements.

The goal has always been and is to continually improve the level of service offered to women for their care. In this context, it has recently revamped the series product Protecta.

This is a moist body soap for the shower, special for sensitive areas. It has a specially formulated formulation, based on the beneficial properties of Chamomile Extract of Allantoin and Panthenol.

Gently cleanses without drying while protecting against irritation and soothes the sensitive area while maintaining its physiological pH offering a unique sense of cleanliness.

Instructions for use

Apply in wet skin and rinse with plenty of water. Ideal for everyday use.


Use external. Keep it cool and shady. Keep away from children.

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