Star reveal beauty secrets

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We usually see our famous domestic and international showbiz celebrities and wonder how they retain their shape but also their excellent appearance.

The truth is that many of them have occasionally revealed some of their secrets, and we are inform you about it.

Elli Kokkinou

“I am very careful with my diet and I eat five meals a day, all weighing. In addition to roasted salad, I eat legumes and olives, which are homemade cooked. I have completely taken off fried foods from my diet and I choose gluten-free pasta. My only paranoia is to “steal” two fried potatoes from my son’s plate. As for makeup, I like it in natural tones and I usually choose to emphasize on my lips with more intense lipsticks. I always remove my makeup as soon as I get home, because I want my skin to be clean and hydrated. A secret of beauty is to put very cold water on my face before I sleep. ”

Olga Lafazani

“Every morning I begin to treat my face with a cleaning product, spray with a spray of water and then wear eye cream and facial cream. I’ve been putting tears in my eyes lately, as I’ve had enough of them with intense makeup. ”

Christina Lampiri

“Once a week, at least, I make a mask for oxygenating the skin. However, the beauty secret I have learned from my mom is that our good look starts from our mood and the pleasant environment. If we live well and we are balanced and happy, beauty is assured! As far as my diet is concerned, I eat all my food, so I’m trying to avoid salt. ”

Alexandra Palaiologou

“Several months now I avoid makeup. When I am in a mood, I choose to emphasize my cheekbones and lips. My own secret beauty is mesotherapy. I started doing it on my 28th and for two years I did systematically, so over time to keep the tissue in good condition. Now I do once a year. I always take care of my diet without losing my favorite foods. My program includes grilled chicken with salad, but also oil, which has a great nutritional value. Lately I have pasta without gluten. ”

Now let’s pass the borders of our country and see what foreign celebrities have revealed. Kate Moss’s favorite habit is just waking up to dump her face into a basin where she has added iced water and cucumber slices to stimulate and hydrate her face.

On the other hand, Lady Gaga does not leave her face sun cream in the winter months. The famous singer dislikes the tan and the damaging effects of the sun that cause a faster aging of the skin.

Finally, Jennifer Lopez has stated many times in her interviews that the best beauty treatment is no more than … sleep. Although she has a really busy schedule she tries to sleep every day at least 8 hours.

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