03 Oct 2018
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Food that protect the skin

Carnaby Cosmetics care products help the skin, but there is much more to be done by every woman in their daily routine in order to have the desired results. A very important habit is the food we eat, as there are certain foods that protect the skin. Tomatoes: Researches has shown that people who consume more tomatoes show have less signs from the exposure to the sun. Lettuce: It is impressive but think that with only 6 leaves we meet […]

03 Oct 2018
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Ten reasons we love women

At Carnaby Cosmetics, we have been working over four decades trying to make women feel better about their skin and generally about their appearance. The products of our laboratories are based on a basic approach to women’s care and help each of you to be confident. Carnaby’s products are unique because women are also unique and base on this fact we will only show you ten of the reasons why everyone loves women. The way their mind works. Many can […]

04 Sep 2018

Tips for great and healthy nails

The nails of a woman are also important in the overall image, so we will show you tips to keep them healthy and beautiful in appearance. It is important for your nails to be hydrated to show that they have liveliness and luster. This can be accomplished by massaging a small amount of vaseline, which also helps in better blood circulation. Remember to thoroughly dry the toenails and toes after each contact they may have with the water (bath, dishwashing, […]

04 Sep 2018
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How to get rid of black circles

Many women suffer from the dark circles under their eyes and that is why we present some ways to avoid them and to make them even more attractive. Drink plenty of water! The less water you drink, the greater the risk of dehydration and therefore the more likely the appearance of black circles Keep away from bad habits! Big enemies are salt, alcohol and smoking! You have to cut them straight away Massage! Once a day, use your fingers with […]

04 Sep 2018

The weapons in the fight against aging

What more and more people are trying to find is ways to overcome the aging process, if not beat it. In this not fair battle, there are plenty of weapons that can help you show off new releases over time. Broccoli, cabbage and cucumber A substance found in some green vegetables may significantly reduce the signs of old age, US scientists say. The substance is called nicotinamide mononucleotide (or short for NMN). It is found in abundance in broccoli, cabbage, […]

04 Sep 2018
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Myths and truths about cellulite

Cellulite is one of the biggest enemies of every woman and it’s time to learn some myths and truths about this very important issue. Myth: Cellulite appears only in women who have more pounds. Truth: Cellulite is a local fat accumulated and has nothing to do with body weight.   Myth: Creams for cellulite can eliminate it Truth: These creams can help but not completely eliminate it.   Myth: Coffee causes cellulite Truth: Coffee can even help reduce cellulite by […]

04 Sep 2018
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High heels – How bad they are for your health

High heels give women glamor and style, but at the same time they cause a lot of problems and pains. Apart from this, their use also affects your health, since they can harm your body in various ways. Research has shown that regular heel usage can reduce calf muscles by up to 13%. After many hours of wearing high heels, most women complain of discomfort and pain. The higher the heels, the greater the chance of sprains. Especially people with […]

04 Sep 2018

How to lose weight instantly

Summer is over and now there are many people who are looking to get rid of the extra pounds they have gained during their vacations. In this article we won’t state specific foods and diets, but we are going to give you some tips that if you follow faithfully you will see immediate results. Keep away from “fast food”. We know that junk food has its … sweetness, but it also has huge amounts of fat and salt that have […]

04 Sep 2018

Tips for dealing with acne

Acne is a skin disease that, unlike what many believe, affects millions of people around the world regardless of age. Of course, there is much that anyone can do to either combat the already existing mild acne, or to act preventively in order not to face a problem in the future. Lifestyle It is true that it has not been scientifically proven that stress and nutrition are factors that affect the acne in the skin. But many argue that the […]

04 Sep 2018
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The benefits of a therapeutic massage

Massage is a process that most people enjoy to a large extent. But besides enjoyment, a therapeutic massage can have great benefits for the human body. Before analyzing its benefits, do not forget that Carnaby’s new product, the epilation oil, is designed to be used also as body oil for body massages. But let’s take a look on what a therapeutic massage can offer you. • Stimulates the immune system. It is proven that massage fights inflammation, allergies and asthma […]