08 Nov 2018
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Autumn foods that will help you lose weight

As we approach Christmas, it is certain that we all want to take care of our diet and lose some pounds so that we are in the best possible condition in view of the coming news. That is why we present you some autumn foods that can help you achieve your goal. Broccoli 91% of its content is water. Broccoli can help you control your weight as well as give you a sense of fullness for longer. Researchers at the […]

08 Nov 2018
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How to do the correct demaciation

You spend a lot of time in your makeup everyday, trying to look as attractive as possible. However, it is also important for your skin care not to forget the proper make-up. It is also known to most women that only if you clean your skin perfectly from makeup ,you will be able during the night to be revitalized. A widespread question is whether we need to use an emulsion or gel to clean the face. This depends on the […]

08 Nov 2018
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Eyes: What do models do to prevent fatigue

We live at a time when the rhythms of society are going really fast and the moments of rest have been reduced to a minimum. This has the effect of getting tired, sleeping a little and all the fatigue goes in our eyes. But let’s see what the models do to cover their tired eyes. The makeup artist, Val Garland uses facial mask that tightens, smoothes and stimulates the skin  under the eye area. It all starts the night before. […]

23 Oct 2018
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With these clothes you will look thinner

For a perfect appearance, do not neglect to use Carnaby Cosmetics hair removal and care products, but the clothes you choose also play a very important role. This is because the right choices make it just as impossible for you to find the right clothes. So see what these options are. Dress with just one color. It’s a very simple solution to make you look even weaker and taller. The rule of colors. When you want to “camouflage” some areas […]

22 Oct 2018
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The history of makeup

As strange as it may seem, the beginning of makeup goes back hundreds of years in ancient Greece. Then of course it did not have the meaning it has today. Here it is worth mentioning that the word comes from the French verb maquiller meaning change, alter. If we want to use a purely Greek word then it will be the mockery. It comes from the fine texture, the common name of lead carbonate. Lead carbon was used in ancient […]

22 Oct 2018
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Smart Fashion Tricks

It is very important to look after our appearance by using products of Carnaby Cosmetics, but at the same time there are some small “tricks” that we can use to improve the way we look like by using fashion appropriately. Do not use flat shoes. We understand that wearing high-heeled shoes can be very tiring , but they are appealing as they make your foot seem more impossible. Be careful with formal jackets. If you wear them because of work […]

22 Oct 2018
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Star reveal beauty secrets

We usually see our famous domestic and international showbiz celebrities and wonder how they retain their shape but also their excellent appearance. The truth is that many of them have occasionally revealed some of their secrets, and we are inform you about it. Elli Kokkinou “I am very careful with my diet and I eat five meals a day, all weighing. In addition to roasted salad, I eat legumes and olives, which are homemade cooked. I have completely taken off […]

22 Oct 2018
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How sleep improves the way you look

Carnaby Cosmetics has a wide variety of products that make your appearance impress everyone and you can be confident. But there are many other things you need to do to look after your appearance and one of them is to sleep properly, since sleep has multiple benefits to your body. Nourishes the skin While the body is in a sleeping state, the skin finds the opportunity to heal most of the damage happened during the day. That’s why the more […]

04 Oct 2018
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Beauty secrets using honey

Whether you like it or not, honey is a food that you must add to your daily diet because it can give many benefits to your body. It’s moisturizing cream Looking for ways to moisturize your skin? In addition to the Body Oil and Body Lotion products that Carnaby Infinity series offer, you can also use honey! How; Stir two tablespoons of hot honey with two tablespoons of organic yogurt soup. Tap the mixture together and apply on the face […]

04 Oct 2018
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Nail Trends- Autumn 2018

Summer has passed and now we enjoy autumn and we are getting ready for winter, which means that the nail tendencies are changing. So, if you’re wondering how should you keep your nails this season, we have all the answers. Natural and short nails: It’s a good choice for women who want to easily do daily things that they can’ t do if they have long nails. Short and square nails: This is a very practical and impressive shape, which […]