04 Dec 2018
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This way you will shine on Christmas

The Christmas season is primarily the one in which all women want to stand out and be full of glamor. This is a period that, among other things, marks the end of a year and the entrance to a new, full of dreams and goals for something better. That’s why all people want to welcome the new year with the best possible, more charming and glamorous look. You can do that in a number of ways which we are going […]

16 Nov 2018
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Waxing with … beauty drops

All Carnaby Cosmetics products are designed with a view to what every modern Greek woman needs in terms of her appearance. Of course, we also have to take into account the fact that, increasingly, what interests us is to have the best possible result combined with the minimum cost and really fast. A combination that many people may think is quite difficult. For us, however, people who like challenges, we have the answer to this problem. And this is none […]

15 Nov 2018
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Cold wax epilation body strips

We live at a time when our society’s rhythms are too fast and the time we have for ourselves is limited. As a result, many women are complaining that they do not have time for depilation and prefer to use a razor. In another text on our website you can find out the comparison between the razor and the depilatory cream. Apart from this comparison, Carnaby’s depilatory Body Strips, offer every woman what she always wanted. Their use is easier […]

14 Nov 2018
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Velvety effect that lasts weeks

Depilation is one of the most important issues that concerns women. They always want to have a velvety skin that will make them stand out. The issue of skin and unwanted hair growth is often critical when it comes to women’s self-confidence. For this reason, Carnaby Cosmetics create professional hair removal products that will give you a great result without having to leave your home. How would you feel if you could spend your summer, Christmas or Easter holidays, without […]

13 Nov 2018
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With this way you will lose the extra pounds until the holidays

We have less than a month until Christmas. But it is enough time to lose some extra pounds if you follow some specific steps. For breakfast, you should eat a slice of whole grain bread, a boiled egg and a glass of natural juice. Alternatively, try half a bowl of whole grain cereals with 2% fat milk. It is important that before lunch you do not forget to eat a seasonal fruit as a decadent. Now let’s move on to […]

12 Nov 2018
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20 timeless beauty tips

As the years go by, things in fashion and appearance of woman change a lot but there are some tips that will always be timeless. Haircuts that fit your way of life During the morning you do not have too much time to get ready, so it is important to find a haircut with your hairdresser that will ensure you a great look but with as little effort as possible. Proper tools, right result Do not hesitate to spend enough money […]

09 Nov 2018
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Zodiac signs: These combinations give perfect couples

Surely we all have pretty much searched if we match the sign of our existing or future mate. This is also one of the “basic” questions being asked at the first date. So let’s look at the combinations of the best couples and why this happens. Aquarius and Aries It’s a couple of signs whose relationship is rarely bored because they are both adventure lovers while they like to try new things. It is also very important that they know […]

09 Nov 2018
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An ice cube can make the diference

The internet and the way it works nowadays allows us to find many “tricks” and secrets about how we can improve our appearance, even with an ice cube. One of the last “tricks” that have seen the spotlight recently has to do with an ice cube. Especially it is about how it can serve the right makeup of the person. A beauty blogger became viral when she published a video in which she seems to get an ice cube and […]

09 Nov 2018
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Top trends in hairstyles this winter

Winter is just around the corner and we are introducing the top trends that are expected to prevail, especially in relation to your hairstyles. Natural length This year’s honor will be given to women who do not want to spend too much time with their hair. This is because, according to the trends that exist, you must let your hair fall naturally on your shoulders. Wet Look This is a more bold choice, but this year is one of the […]

08 Nov 2018
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Mobile phones harm your skin

The mobile phone and its unmanageable use can have many negative effects on the human body. One of these is what causes your skin. Most people before they are asleep make a bath and relax by looking at the cell phone or the tablet. You may not imagine it but this daily habit can be particularly harmful to your skin. Research has shown that continuous exposure to light emitted by electronic devices has the same effects as sun exposure without […]