07 Jan 2019
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How to cope with depression after holidays?

The Christmas period was completed after schools were opened today, which traditionally marks the end of the holidays. We are now entering a period when all of them are trying to return to their normal rhythms. Make economies due to several expense that preceded it, and that has the consequence that the following period is characterized by quite unpleasant feelings. Even abroad there is a terminology for the disappointment that prevails after the celebration. It is called holiday blues and […]

04 Jan 2019
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How you are going to lose the weight you gained during holidays

Christmas celebrations are now in the past and we are all back to normal. However, most of us have gone through a lot of misconduct, and we have to find ways to lose the pounds we have got all these days. Fiber Fibers contained in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain cereals achieve a satiety feeling faster and relatively low in calories. In addition, they delay the absorption of food sugars, resulting in the stabilization of blood sugar, especially after a […]

30 Dec 2018
27 Dec 2018
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This way you are going to organize the best New Year’s Eve

We are just before the official arrival of this Christmas and we will dedicate this text to you who will choose not to go out to a restaurant or shop this time, but to make your own refectory, hosting a friend and relatives in your home. Surely you will want everything to be perfect and be all satisfied. The weather, however, passes and you are stressed, so it is advisable to follow the following tips. The guest list It is […]

21 Dec 2018
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Ideas for festive makeup that will make you stand out

In the Christmas season, all women want to be at their best. Leave behind the time that leaves and welcome the new one with a look that will make them stand out. Of course a unique look can be achieved in many ways. First of all, however, you need to make sure you apply the Body Oil and Body Lotion products of the Carnaby Infinity series and enjoy the silky skin that will give you. From then on, once you […]

20 Dec 2018
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This Christmas it is going to be YOU the one who shines!

Christmas is approaching and all women have in mind what they will do at the new year’s eve in order to “steal” the impressions with their appearance and also to welcome the new year with their best. Usually this time of year, the show with their “shine” steals the trees and the beautifully decorated houses. This year, thanks to Carnaby Cosmetics, get ready to be the one who will make the difference, the one who will shine and take all […]

18 Dec 2018
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Ideas for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve

Now we are in the final step for the coming of Christmas. Everyone is thinking about what they will do at the Christmas Eve, both for Christmas and for New Year’s Eve. So we will show you different ways in which you can spend an unforgettable holiday with your friends or family. New Year’s Eve with music A classic choice for the Christmas season. If you do not want to spend your time in your home or a friend, then […]

14 Dec 2018
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Ideal dresses for the New Year’s Eve

The Christmas celebrations are just around the corner. The reverie approaches and all women are looking for what they will wear to show as charming as possible. But before we move on to some of our suggestions, whatever you wear and wear, the difference will be made using the Carnaby Infinity products. Sparkling Body Oil and Lotion will give your skin a silky smooth effect and an irresistible shine! Of course very important is the dress you will choose and […]

11 Dec 2018
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Original and economic Christmas gifts for the whole family

The Christmas celebrations are approaching dangerously and within all the obligations you have to find what to buy for various relatives and friends. Do not worry, though. That’s why we are here to help you by presenting many choices that are both original and will save you enough money. Gifts for women For women, there is a great variety of gifts to move around, such as cosmetics, clothes, perfumes etc. Care products of Carnaby Cosmetics Your first choice is Carnaby […]

07 Dec 2018
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Ideas for a unique Christmas decoration

Christmas is at hand and everyone is preparing for it. One of the greatest “entertainments” of children and adults at this time is the decoration of the house. That’s why we searched for and suggest some ideas for your home decoration to be unique and make it stand out and impress your guests. White ornaments in the tree Try this year to make the change and decorate the Christmas tree only with white ornaments and white lights. Certainly for many, […]