12 Feb 2019
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In love with skin care

We are two days away from the holiday of lovers, the Valentine’s Day. Others are eager to celebrate with their comrades and others are not interested at all for this particular day. Wherever you belong to, however, one thing is for sure. Everyone have to be every day of the year with your body and your skin. Whatever your body goes through is always with you. And on the other hand your skin is your image, what you show to […]

08 Feb 2019
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What gift to buy for him on Valentine’s Day?

The Valentine’s Day is approaching and lovers are looking for the ideal gift that will make their partner happy. For you women who have not decided what to buy for your husband / boyfriend, we are here to help you with some smart suggestions. Headphones If your partner loves listening to music, then the headphones are a great solution. The most important thing is that there is a great variety in this gift, either in terms of designs and colors, […]

05 Feb 2019
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This way you will spend the perfect Valentine’s Day

In a few days, Valentine’s Day is approaching. One day that serves as a reason to celebrate your love in whatever way you want. We want to help you, so we present some ideas to have an unforgettable experience. Romantic dinner Love travels through the stomach, so it is most likely that this evening begins with a beautiful dinner. It can be in an official way, in the dining room with a good tablecloth and food. On the other hand […]

01 Feb 2019
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St. Valentine and Carnaby go pack!

Most people think that Valentine’s Day to have the opportunity to “celebrate” must necessarily be in some relationship with another person. There are also many who disagree with this celebration. They comment on the fact that they celebrate their love every day of the year. But we at Carnaby have a completely different view of Valentine’s Day. One day that has strong supporters and enemies of the world. Think, whether you are free or not, there is always a common […]

29 Jan 2019
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Predictions of zodiac signs for 2019

The first month of the new year is slowly coming to an end. It’s probably a good time to take a look at the predictions for each sign separately, about 2019. Aries New Year’s Eve is continuing to make the most important changes in your life since 2018. Despite this, you will not be surprised to see what happened this year is the result of decisions over the past two years. As far as personal relationships are concerned, the year […]

25 Jan 2019
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Gentle Depilatory Cream Viso Blue

Carnaby Cosmetics, thanks to its long experience in the area of women’s hair removal and skin care, is constantly developing products that can meet a wide range of the requirements of modern Greek women. Beyond the known ways of depilation, such as candle and movies, Carnaby’s workshops also provide for women who do not feel ready to use one of these methods. For this reason, Viso Blue soft cream was created for quick results even in the most sensitive areas […]

22 Jan 2019
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This way you will protect your face from dry skin in the winter

Whether you like it or not, winter must admit that it has its own – its – disadvantages. One of these is the very low temperatures that characterize it. The intense cold then results in you feeling your skin generally dry and this will cause your makeup to “break” quite often, which is annoying. Of course, as in all, so in this case there are ways to fight dry skin on your face. Water, water and water again! Keep your […]

18 Jan 2019
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Care and delight

At Carnaby Cosmetics for over 4 decades, we have been working with a unique skin care approach. We want to put a new “touch” on our new products every time. The great experience and specialised knowledge led to the creation of another product that is based on the care of the woman. The reason for Oil After Depilation, which adds to a very wide range of hair removal products. With Oil After Depilation, Carnaby Laboratories guarantee that after the epilating […]

15 Jan 2019
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Cold and Skin

We are in the heart of the winter, and this year has shown the “teeth” all over Greece this year. Apart from the problems caused by traveling, vicious illness and many others, a very important issue is our skin. The very low temperatures that prevail, as well as the heat and cold changes can cause a lot of problems to your skin. You come out of a warm place out in the cold and these alternations make your skin dry […]

11 Jan 2019
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The ultimate protection for every woman

Since its inception, Carnaby Cosmetics has as its main goal to treat and protect the female skin and to help each woman feel confident. And may Carnaby have managed to be very high in the preference of the Greek purchasing community, but this is in no way associated with being stagnant to the previous achievements. The goal has always been and is to continually improve the level of service offered to women for their care. In this context, it has […]