27 Mar 2019
food, low calories

10 fastening meals with low calories

We are now in the heart of Lent, and in less than a month we will enter the Holy Week. So there are few who fascinate this time, and that’s why we have suggestions for fastening dishes that have only a few calories. FEED WITH CHEESE Full meal: -1 serving lentils (250 g) -30 g crumbly cheese salted cauliflower, -1 slice of bread -2 small oranges FASHION WITH CHEESE Full meal: -1 portion of bean soup (250 g) -30 g […]

15 Mar 2019
sofa, house, tips, spring

Organize your house for Spring

Winter resists and tries to keep up in March. Sooner or later, however, Spring will retain the reins. That’s why you and your home should be ready. The thick sweaters are placed in thin shirts. Jackets in jeans jackets and cardigans and your wardrobe need renewal and organization. So is your space. With a few simple moves you can give yourself a refreshing “air” to your place. Give your home the chance to “breathe”, creating a clean, healthy environment. Save […]

13 Mar 2019
flu, ill, tips

This way you will get over a flu easily

We may be in the spring, but the weather has its ups and downs. Once we have sun and high temperatures and the next day cold and rains.That’s why we need to be very careful, since we may be the victims of a flu! In this unpleasant case should not get you underneath. There are many ways to deal with it directly and effectively. Relaxation Physical and mental fatigue are allies of the viruses. Nowadays most of us do not […]

07 Mar 2019
time, time management

Simple Steps for Proper Time Management

We are at a time when the rhythms of life are running too fast and it is more necessary than ever to learn how to properly manage the time at our disposal. Understand what’s important to you Take a moment to set clear, measurable and specific goals for all of your life. You can include relationships, health, career, and finances. The important thing is to create a mix of short and long-term goals. Analyze it in some action steps and […]

05 Mar 2019
sleep, couple, love

7 night habits that successful couples have

There are some secrets that couples have to maintain their love and which we will now reveal to you. Being in the bathroom at the same time Do not let your mind go crazy. It is very beautiful though the night before you lie down to wash your teeth together or be in the bathroom when you remove the makeup. Discussion in the bed Do not misunderstand this statement with “arguing before sleep”. It is very likely that a couple […]

01 Mar 2019
lips, tips, beauty tips, spring

6 beauty secrets for spring

Calendar winter now belongs to the past. A winter that had it all, very cold, rains, even snow in Athens. But spring came and with her the time to reveal some beauty secrets for this wonderful time of year. Wavy hairstyle Leave your hair careless, carelessly caressed and brought up a little earlier in the summer, trying a wavy hairstyle. How will you succeed? Put your hair in 4 places and then apply a little foam to each piece. Prefer […]

26 Feb 2019
makeup, woman, beauty tips

All time classic beauty tips

There are many different ways you can do some very simple things but they will greatly help you to improve your appearance. Surely Carnaby Cosmetics hair removal and care products can make your skin silk. But there are some tips that if you follow you will have the ideal result. Fruit, vegetables and water Outdoor beauty is something that starts with your diet. Whatever care products you use, if your diet is not full of fruits and vegetables and if […]

22 Feb 2019
diet, food, solution, tips, woman

Are you bored of being on a diet? We have the solution

May the winter have not yet farewell to us, but in a few months summer is coming and we know you want to appear on the beach being at your best! Diet is a great way, of course, to lose the extra pounds that disturb you and make you feel somewhat bad. But many women are tired of consolation, but they want a healthy and well-trained body. That’s why we offer you some tips on how to do this. Stay […]

19 Feb 2019
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This way you will encounter cellulite at home

Surely summer can now look like it’s too far away. But it is not too early to start trying to fight against cellulite that may be troublesome to you. It is essentially the “nightmare” of most women and it is essentially the folding of fat tissue accompanied by fluid retention, which has become toxic. It’s definitely a big barrier to feeling confident, but the positive thing is that if you follow some steps, then you may see far better results. […]

15 Feb 2019
δίαιτα, φθινόπωρο, diet, ομορφιά, beauty

This way you will lose weight in a short time

Suddenly there is an important appointment, and because of a few extra pounds you do not have the confidence you need in such a case. But there is a list of five steps that can help you lose as much pounds in just 2 days! Shed calorie consumption from 1500 to 1000! For only two days, try to lower your daily calorie consumption from 1500 to just 1000! This way you will be able to instantly lose some pounds. Your […]