Myths and Facts

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Myth: Shaving is the most effective method of hair removal. 

Shaving is a temporary solution and unwanted hair will be back a few hours after you shave. Using Carnaby’s suggested products your skin will be soft and smooth for up to six weeks.

Fact: Unwanted hair regrows slower when using hot wax or depilatory creams. 

With hot wax, hair is removed from the root, thus growing back slowly. With depilatory creams the time hair takes to grow back is shorter compared to hot wax, but much better than that of shaving. Carnaby Laboratories has yet another option, Viso Blue Gel which contains Capislow, a component which delays re-growth.

Myth: Depilatory creams, Roll-On wax and hot wax are not suitable for the bikini area. 

Depilatory creams, cold-wax strips, Roll-On and hot wax are suitable for use in the bikini area. You should however be very careful to avoid any contact with your genitals.

Fact: Depilation with hot wax makes the hairs come out more slowly. 

Hair removal with hot wax removes the hairs from its roots. Compared to other methods which cut the hair or remove it from the surface, hot wax makes hairs come out slower and gradually become sparser and thinner.

Myth: You should exfoliate after waxing. 

Exfoliation should be done between hair removal sessions and at least 1-2 days before your next waxing session. By exfoliating often, you avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs and your skin becomes smoother.

Fact: You can wash and reuse fabric strips used for cold-wax depilation. 

Of course! Carnaby’s cotton cloth strips can be washed with water and get reused.

Myth: The more you wax your hair, the tougher it get. 

Regular and repeated waxing, especially with Carnaby’s hot wax, makes your hair thinner, while over time it becomes sparser. On the contrary, if you shave frequently, hairs tend to become thicker and tougher.

Fact: Your skin should be clean and dry before waxing. 

It is really important that you clean and dry your skin before using Carnaby’s depilatory products. Oils and remains from sunscreen or other creams can hinder the effect of hot or cold wax and depilatory creams.

Myth: Those who have sensitive skin cannot use hot wax, Roll-On or strips. 

You can use Carnaby’s products even if you have the most sensitive skin! To be absolutely certain that there will be no problem, test the product on a small area of your legs before using it on the desired area.

Fact: A hot bath is not good for your skin. 

A hot bath or shower can dry out and dehydrate your skin. It is much better to bathe with lukewarm or cold water!

Myth: After waxing, you should clean your skin with alcohol. 

You should use alcohol before waxing to remove oils and clear your skin, but never use products containing alcohol during or after epilation. We recommend removing any residues of wax with an Azulene-enriched Carnaby wipe. Also, use Carnaby’s after waxing emulsion.

Fact: You should wear sunscreen even if it’s cloudy outside. 

Ultraviolet radiation, which can cause old-looking skin and skin damage, is not reduced even when it is cloudy. Protect your skin from UV exposure by wearing sunscreen even on cloudy days.

Myth: It is impossible to maintain a hairless skin for a long time. 

With Carnaby’s wax products you can keep your skin smooth, soft, hairless and healthy all year long. With the effects lasting over five weeks, you will need to get waxed only 10 to 12 times during the year, since hair comes out sparser and weaker after each depilation.

Fact: You must prepare your skin before waxing. 

Exfoliating regularly and cleaning your skin with alcohol before waxing are necessary steps in the process of proper hair removal. Remember! your skin must be dry as well.

Myth: Removing hair with hot wax and shaving do the same thing. 

Hot wax removes hair from the root and thus the effects lasts for several weeks. By shaving the hair, you only cut the part above the skin’s surface and thus hair grows back very quickly, sometimes even in a matter of hours.

Fact: You should not swim immediately after waxing. 

Your skin is more sensitive after waxing, thus it is advisable to avoid swimming for 24 hourss.

Myth: You need to wait a long time for your hair to grow enough in order to use wax. 

By using wax for hair removal, the desired effect lasts much longer and it is preferable for your hair to be at least 3mm long the first time you do it. Afterwards though, when hair starts to grow out thinner and sparser, you could also wax it when it is shorter. The same goes for the strips and the Roll-On.

Fact: Shaving is not a proper way to get rid of hair in the bikini area. 

Your bikini area is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and therefore it requires special attention. Shaving can be easy and fast, but ask yourselves: Would you shave your face too? Choose one of Carnaby’s products and get rewarded by the smooth, soft and velvet skin you desire.

Myth: Tight fitting clothing does not affect you at all after waxing. 

By wearing snug and tight clothes, you might increase the possibility of ingrown hair which can also lead to irritation and inflammation. This is especially true for the bikini area, and even more if you choose to shave. You should avoid tight clothes the first 2 days after waxing and also exfoliate regularly!

Fact: You should not go out in the sun immediately after waxing. 

Ideally, after waxing you should wait 24 hours before going out in the sun. After waxing, your skin is still sensitive and that is why you should use at least some mild sunscreen lotion. This way you can avoid burns or stains. Also you should not use any deodorant, antiperspirant or similar products for at least 24 hours after waxing, regardless of what method you have chosen to epilate.

Myth: You cannot wax well enough on your own. 

Of course you can! Carnaby Laboratories offers you a wide range of hair removal products so that you can select the method that suits you the best. Hot wax, cold wax, Roll-On, strips and depilatory creams are at your disposal to remove hair from the face, underarms, arms, abdomen, bikini area or legs with ease and with impressive results which last.

Fact: You have to test the hair removal products before you start the process. 

Be sure to test any hair removal products in a small area of your leg, if it is the first time you are going to use one of them. If after 24 hours there is no skin reaction, you can go ahead and use the product.

Myth: You have to visit beauty salons for proper hair removal. 

Of course not! You can wax on your own. Just find the Carnaby product that suits you. Try the Hot Wax with the tealight (a new and innovative set with a metallic base and a tealight), the Viso Blue, the Magic Blond cream, the cold wax strips and don’t forget the Roll-On set.

Fact: You cannot wax daily. 

We suggest waiting at least 72 hours between sessions, regardless of the depilation method you have selected.

Myth: Waxing alone will make your skin shiny, healthy and velvety. 

Healthy diet, good hydration, proper use of sunscreen, daily exercise and good sleep quality combined with the correct method of hair removal are some ways to get shiny, healthy and velvety skin.

Fact: You should not use antiperspirants and deodorants immediately after waxing. 

Using such products may cause skin irritation. We recommend that you wait 24 hours before you use creams, deodorants and antiperspirants.

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