Mobile phones harm your skin

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The mobile phone and its unmanageable use can have many negative effects on the human body. One of these is what causes your skin.

Most people before they are asleep make a bath and relax by looking at the cell phone or the tablet. You may not imagine it but this daily habit can be particularly harmful to your skin.

Research has shown that continuous exposure to light emitted by electronic devices has the same effects as sun exposure without sun protection and can lead to premature aging of the skin.

Exposure to this light is so powerful that it interferes with our body’s most important physical functions, our biological rhythm, which affects the function of our sleep.

This leads to a devastating domino of negative effects. Sleep disturbance affects the natural function of restoring the damage that occurs during its rest when it is all quiet.

So if you want to keep a beautiful skin, you need to reduce your use of your cell.

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