Ideas for festive makeup that will make you stand out

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In the Christmas season, all women want to be at their best. Leave behind the time that leaves and welcome the new one with a look that will make them stand out.

Of course a unique look can be achieved in many ways. First of all, however, you need to make sure you apply the Body Oil and Body Lotion products of the Carnaby Infinity series and enjoy the silky skin that will give you.

From then on, once you find and what you wear, the makeup you will use is also very important. That is why we will suggest some ideas to distinguish yourself.

Smokey Eye Makeup

It is a very feminine style, which at the same time gives your eyes a mystery. Contrary to what many believe, it is not necessary to use only black shade. For lips it would be preferable to use some nude lipstick shade in order to avoid exaggeration.

Glitter and metallic eye makeup

Glitter eye makeup is a particularly popular choice when it comes to Christmas, since all women want these days to shine as much as possible. Beyond the glitter, however, your look can make the metallic eye shadows very elegant too.

Makeup with bright and dark lipstick

Dark lipsticks are a constant trend, which is very difficult to get out of fashion, since most women prefer them. In this case the ideal is to be accompanied by natural makeup, as our goal is to focus on one part of our face each time and focus on the lips in this particular style.

Festive makeup with nude lips

If you are now in the category of women who do not want to wear bright lipstick, you can use nude shades or even a lip pencil or even a simple hydration lip balm. That from the above and the lectures you have to put your weight in the eyes. So she used beautiful colours to paint them, enough mascara or some glitter eyeliner to add a more festive item.

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