How sleep improves the way you look

woman, sleeping

Carnaby Cosmetics has a wide variety of products that make your appearance impress everyone and you can be confident. But there are many other things you need to do to look after your appearance and one of them is to sleep properly, since sleep has multiple benefits to your body.

Nourishes the skin

While the body is in a sleeping state, the skin finds the opportunity to heal most of the damage happened during the day. That’s why the more you sleep, the better for your skin.

Less stress, less irritations

Researches has shown that lack of sleep usually leads to stress, which is manifested in the body by the appearance of irritations that can be avoided if we sleep properly.

Shiny eyes

Proper sleep eliminates dark circles and makes your eyes shine and seem more clearly.

Stay away from swellings

When it comes to sleeping, it is not about the quantity. The quality of it is the most important. For example, you can avoid eye cramps if you have the right sleeping position, that is, the head is lifted, above the height of the heart.

Pre-sleeping care

To see results in your appearance you need to take care of yourself and before you lie down. So clean your face with a gentle cleanser that will remove dust, oiliness and makeup.

Pay attention to the pillow

Attention should be paid to the pillow. It’s the object that touches your face when you are asleep. For example, if you sleep clumsily and your face is on the cushion, you may get scars.

Have a nice room

Equally important is the bedroom environment. There must be low light and a mild temperature, that is, not too hot but not too cold.

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