Healthy foods are dangerous too

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Most of us think they will just eat a salad and that will be good to their body. And like most people in the world, they do not make salads themselves, but they get some of them ready.

These salads may indicate that they are ready to be consumed directly, but they are a place where many microbes can grow. It is also the second cause of food poisoning in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, scientists have found that damaged leaves in packaged salads favor the development of salmonella.

What you have to do to guard yourself is to read carefully the food labels. This way you can tell which one is really healthy and which one is not. All you have to do is read the list of nutrients.

Finally, you should pay close attention to choosing foods that are high in protein and are a very popular dietary trend.

Cereals, breads, pasta, yoghurt, and even soups, to which protein is added, dominate the supermarket shelves. Βut in reality we do not need them because we can get the protein needed by the body through a balanced nutrition.

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