Diet tips for Easter

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Easter is a celebration that is interwoven not only with our religion and the resurrection of Christ, but also to a great extent with food.

There is not even a few who overdo it when the end of fasting comes to an end and are exaggerated after the Resurrection. That is why we will give you some nutritional advice.

Tips for the festive table

Try to eat foods of all kinds (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, etc.) to get your body all the necessary nutrients.

Consume the lamb moderately because of high fat content. But do not remove it from your diet since it is rich in B vitamins.

Eggs are a misunderstood food. It is good to include it in our daily diet because of its high nutritional value, unless there is a specific health problem that prevents it.

Try to replace any kind of fat in your diet with olive oil. Make it all-purpose, even in frying. This will keep your sense of measure because it is of high nutritional value but also has a high caloric value.

Lack of sweet and fatty foods.

Drink plenty of water! You should not get hungry with thirst. It sometimes happens to eat unnecessarily while in reality we simply thirst.

Limit alcohol consumption as much as possible. Prefer a modest amount of red wine (2 glasses for men and 1 glass for women) always with your meal and never drive if you have drunk.

After cooking, lamb, kokoretsi and Easter Eggs, return to a balanced Mediterranean diet as quickly as possible, always combined with physical activity.

It is good for your diet to be characterized by variety and measure. So you give your body all the necessary nutrients it needs for good health.

If you have kept fasting these days, pay special attention to gradually introducing the food you have excluded from your diet. In the evening of the Resurrection, restrict yourself to the cook, the red egg and the salad.

If you feel like you were on Easter Day, try to detoxify from food of animal origin in the next few days, emphasizing fruits and vegetables.

Tips for lifestyle

Exercise on a daily basis. Our body is made to move and rust when we impose sedentary life. Take advantage of holiday days for a little more exercise, e.g. a walk in the countryside.

Enjoy meal time talking to your loved ones. These days make your meals a social process.

Turn off the TV. The weather on Easter days is appropriate for many activities. The fewer hours in front of the TV, the more hours you will spend doing something more energetic without being bombarded by poor quality food ads.

Shop for the festive table after you’ve eaten … when you’re hungry, make more unconscious food markets. Buy the essentials always from a list and avoid last minute shopping.

If you have a problem of weight, prefer smaller items to further reduce the quantities you will consume.

Do not get up from the table with an intense feeling of satiety. This means you have consumed larger quantities than you need. Eat slowly, chewing your food well and leaving the fork on the table after every bite.

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