Cold wax epilation body strips

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We live at a time when our society’s rhythms are too fast and the time we have for ourselves is limited. As a result, many women are complaining that they do not have time for depilation and prefer to use a razor.

In another text on our website you can find out the comparison between the razor and the depilatory cream.

Apart from this comparison, Carnaby’s depilatory Body Strips, offer every woman what she always wanted. Their use is easier than wax, and they are much more effective than using a razor.

The absolutely positive thing about depilation strips is that they are ready for use without the slightest preparation, and their effect may last even for 4 weeks.

If you can’t use the wax, now you have no excuse in dealing with your skin care. This is why Carnaby Laboratories, which design all of their products with a view to the silky smoothness of your skin, have taken care of them.

So do not waste time. Get cold-wiping hair removal strips for the face. Carnaby Cosmetics Body Strips will be the great ally in your effort to feel and show irresistible.

Instructions for use

  1. Heat the film in your palm. (If you wish you can use a hair dryer. In summer and hot days movies are immediately applied.)
  2. Cut the strips in the line and open them very carefully so that the wax is evenly distributed on both sides. Use both sides.
  3. Apply the band to a clean, dry and oily surface by pressing in the direction of the hair so that it sticks completely to the skin.
  4. Sharpen the tape abruptly in the direction of the hair and parallel to the skin.
  5. Any residuals are removed with the azulene wipes contained in the package and immediately face the red spots.
  6. After waxing, use care after the epilating process, as well as wipes.
  7. For best results the ideal length of the hair should be at least 3mm.

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