6 beauty secrets for spring

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Calendar winter now belongs to the past. A winter that had it all, very cold, rains, even snow in Athens. But spring came and with her the time to reveal some beauty secrets for this wonderful time of year.

Wavy hairstyle

Leave your hair careless, carelessly caressed and brought up a little earlier in the summer, trying a wavy hairstyle. How will you succeed? Put your hair in 4 places and then apply a little foam to each piece. Prefer a product that will give your hair a lightweight result.

Highlight the cheeks

This spring, choose a red-pink blush if you have a pale skin or an orange-red, if you have dark color and apply it daily to your cheekbones to show your face healthy, fresh and shiny. Some touches above are imposed.

Four-minute massage

All you’ll need is a few drops of an effective facial oil. For example, you can prefer an argan oil, applied to forehead, cheeks, chin, making a good massage in each area. Just take 4 minutes, put plenty of cold water on your face.

Moisturizing with foundation

We’ve discovered a secret for this spring, you have to try. As soon as you apply your make-up all over your face, you can try to spread a moisturizer on top. Prefer a lightweight product that you will use with very careful movements.

Eye shadow with longer duration

Discover shades that do not change in a few hours, but they are longer lasting, providing you with an impressive makeup every moment.

Primer face

Choose a product with a light composition that will make your make-up longer and lighter.

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