Cosmetic hair removal

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Hot wax or cold wax? Depilatory creams, strips or Roll-On? Shaving, sponges or tweezers? Laser or Electrolysis? There are so many options and different methods of hair removal, and is normal to have questions. Carnaby is here to help you get the answers you are looking for.

Do you know the benefits of cosmetic epilation? Do you think that the only easy way to get rid of unwanted hair is shaving? Did you know that shaving only lasts 1-2 days, makes your skin dry? It also stiffens the hair while making it reappear even darker and there is always the risk of cutting.

Carnaby offers several cosmetic depilation solutions that offer results which last several weeks, weaken the hair and offer soft skin. Whether you need precision for areas like the bikini or eyebrows, or smoothness that lasts up to 4-5 weeks, you will find your own Carnaby that suits you and your needs.

Hot Wax

For professional and long lasting results at home, Carnaby’s hot wax gives you up to four weeks of smoothness and is the best choice for you. From now on you can show your smooth skin to everyone.

Carnaby’s hot wax, which is inspired by the traditional oriental recipe of our ancestors, will offer you high quality hair removal at home. If you are looking for facial hair removal, Carnaby’s hot wax provides the perfect combination of care and long lasting effects. Our products are easy to handle, allowing you to use the amount of wax needed for the eyebrows, cheeks, upper lip or chin.

Viso Strips

For quick facial hair removal, Viso Strips are be the best option. Carnaby’s Viso Strips are easy-to-use cold wax strips that are specially designed to leave your skin smooth, whatever type of skin you may have. Carnaby’s depilatory Viso Strips can also be used on stubble hair and with frequent use, you will manage to reduce hair growth and make hair thinner and softer. With Viso Strips you can enjoy up to 28 days of wonderfully soft skin. And since the depilatory strips are effective on short hair as well, there is no need for long waiting intervals between your depilation session.

Body Strips

Carnaby’s depilatory Body Strips are the recommended solution if you want a simple way to achieve long-lasting results. Together with frequent waxing, your hair will grow slower and appear smoother and more delicate. If you want fast results, the depilatory Body Strips are ready to use and make it extremely easy to remove unwanted hair immediately without having to heat up the wax. Simply rub the strips between your palms and you’re ready!

Depilatory Cream

If you want immediate results but depilation with hot or cold wax or does not suit you, then Carnaby’s depilatory creams are ideal for you. Using depilation creams is an easy and painless way to get rid of unwanted hair. The cream is used to weaken the hair and thus you can easily remove it. It also contains moisturizing ingredients for an even more beautiful skin.


If you want professional hair removal results that you can achieve at home, select a product from Carnaby’s range of Roll-On. This is the best alternative to hot wax in order to achieve professional results at home. Apply, wait and remove unwanted hair using the included cloth strips. It’s easy, fast and effective. Professionally-soft effect which lasts much longer than shaving right at your home!

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