Hot wax vs. Cold wax

Hot wax

Hot wax pulls the hair from the follicle, thus ensuring the most satisfactory results compared to all temporary hair removal methods.


Using hot wax is effective and offers velvet skin for more than five weeks, and depending on the type of skin, it can be as high as 8 weeks. With frequent use, you will also observe your hair becoming weaker and sparser. Especially for facial hair removal, it is the most effective solution. Moreover, due to the heat, pores dilate making it much less painful than it looks.


Depilating with hot wax, is more time consuming than with cold wax. It may cause irritation and redness, depending on your skin sensitivity. You may not be able to enjoy swimming in the sea or pool on the same day, since it may cause irritation.


Cold wax

Cold wax, in a paste or gel form, can be applied to your skin directly. There is no need of melting, but only a quick warm up between your palms. Although we call it cold-wax, in many cases it is a chemical substance in gel form, which does not have the effectiveness of hot wax. The application is very easy and the results are quite satisfactory.


Cold wax is effective and offers a silky effect which lasts for at least two weeks. It is a very economical, fast and easy method to use. You do not need any special preparation and after frequent use, you will observe hair becoming weaker and sparser. The effects last longer than both shaving and depilation with creams.


Most cold waxes make a mess during use. Also, the colder the room is, the more difficult the application and removal get. Many of the cold-wax strips sold on the market do not contain wax, but chemicals in the form of paste whose effectiveness is influenced by external factors.  Also, the hair should be at least three millimeters long to remove and it often causes mild irritation.

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