Shaving or Hair Removal Cream

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Shaving and depilatory creams are considered the easiest, quickest and most painless methods of hair removal. That is why a large percentage of women prefer them. However, beyond the advantage of speed and lack of pain, there are several disadvantages that should be taken into account, most notably the possibility of being injured


Shaving is the method most commonly used to remove unwanted hair, but is it suitable for women? The razor’s blade cuts the end of hair, leaving a sharp edge at the end of each hair. Those sharp edges, within hours of shaving, become both visible and you are able to feel them.

A 1990’s survey indicated that 92% of women in America, who are 13 years old and over, shave their legs (without necessarily shaving being the only method of hair removal they use). Of these women, 66% shave their legs completely and 33% only from the knee down. 98% of women shave their underarms and 50% of them shave the bikini area.

Carnaby Labs believes that the modern woman should establish her own daily beauty routines and devote the time she needs for herself. Men’s hair removal habits like shaving, are not appropriate for women who enjoy spending time on themselves, especially when there are so many available alternatives to shaving!

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are popular because they are very easy to use and give fast results. Just like with shaving, using depilatory creams is an easy, quick and painless method to remove unwanted hair.

Depilatory creams contain chemicals which “burn” the hair, i.e. they dissolve the protein structure of the hair and weaken it. Within about 10 minutes of use you will notice your hairs start to soften and will easily be removed with a spatula.


It is an extremely fast and completely painless method. You do not need any preparation and you can “show off” the epilated area immediately after the process. After use, your skin remains soft because such creams usually contain moisturizing agents. With frequent use, you will also observe your hair becoming weaker and sparser. The effect lasts longer than shaving.


Depilation using creams does not remove all the hairs from the root, thus they grow back relatively quickly. Sometimes it causes a temporary “whitening” of the region it was used on. Since it is a chemical process, unlike wax which is natural, you should be careful and use all the necessary precautions.

Carnaby believes that using a gentle depilatory cream with moisturizing ingredients is by far more preferable to shaving and one of your best choices in general.

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