Carnaby Laboratories

Forty years ago, in 1974, Carnaby labs, with care and expertise, entered the Greek market with its first product: the hot wax for facial hair depilation.

Its unique and consistent quality was key to the success of the product. Soon after, a line of complete care top quality products was created that outstood in the industry of depilation.

Producing in family owned facilities, Carnaby has managed to achieve exponential growth, placing it at the top of the sector in the Greek markets.

Think of how many hair removal methods exist; If you could travel back in time you could discover even more, which fortunately, do not exist in today’s world. So why still insist on hair removal with wax? The answer is simple. Waxing is the most natural and effective method of hair removal offering long lasting results.

Since 1974 Carnaby has constantly been creating new wax-based products and enhancing them with modern cosmetic ingredients. As result you get to to enjoy a clear and smooth skin all year round! Our product range is designed to meet the demands of your lifestyle, as well as every day’s moment.

Either it’s quick and immediate results or hair removal that lasts for weeks!

Your Carnaby is there for your every need.

The Greek beauty secret that gets passed from mother to daughter!