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04 Sep 2018
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The benefits of a therapeutic massage

Massage is a process that most people enjoy to a large extent. But besides enjoyment, a therapeutic massage can have great benefits for the human body. Before analyzing its benefits, do not forget that Carnaby’s new product, the epilation oil, is designed to be used also as body oil for body massages. But let’s take a look on what a therapeutic massage can offer you. • Stimulates the immune system. It is proven that massage fights inflammation, allergies and asthma […]

02 Aug 2018
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Hydrate with Carnaby

Hydration can keep your skin healthy and shiny and ensures that you get the best look and be more confident. That’s why Carnaby has created the new Carnaby Infinity Sparkling Perfumed Body Oil and Body Lotion that can easily achieve the right skin hydration, giving it a glow that will make you stand out while the 7 separate perfumes will make you irresistible. The huge experience of Carnaby workshops in the care of the woman skin and the necessary expertise […]

02 Aug 2018
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Myths and Facts

Myth: Shaving is the most effective method of hair removal.  Shaving is a temporary solution and unwanted hair will be back a few hours after you shave. Using Carnaby’s suggested products your skin will be soft and smooth for up to six weeks. Fact: Unwanted hair regrows slower when using hot wax or depilatory creams.  With hot wax, hair is removed from the root, thus growing back slowly. With depilatory creams the time hair takes to grow back is shorter compared […]

02 Aug 2018

The benefits of almond oil

At Carnaby we choose the ingredients of our products carefully and always with regard to the care of woman. One of the most important ingredients is almond oil, which can provide a lot to your body. Almonds are very nutritious because they contain large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, zinc and other vitamins and minerals. Almond oil, which is an extract of raw almonds, has a very good effect on your skin. Its thin texture makes it […]

06 Jul 2016

New face, new Carnaby

Carnaby Laboratories is entering a new era by welcoming their new face, the Carnaby face! After several months of research, careful strategic planning and detailed studies Carnaby has a new logo, a new corporate identity and a renewed packaging design. At the same time, several changes were made to the products portfolio. A new product was launched and soon, another new line of products will be created. The modern Greek lady The modern Greek lady knows what she wants for her […]

05 Jul 2015
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Waxing set: 2 hot wax cups, metallic base & tealight

A new product comes from Carnaby Laboratories which creates the perfect atmosphere for depilation and waxing safely at home. With a special metallic spiral stand and a tealight candle, you will forget gas stoves. You can be fully in control and create the perfect atmosphere in your own bathroom for your personal care. Devote a little extra time to yourself for depilation with hot wax and have smooth and soft skin that lasts more than 4 weeks. The hot wax kit with […]

04 Jul 2014

Carnaby Magic Blond Cream

Gentle bleaching cream If you are not yet familiar with the concept of waxing or if the interval between your waxing sessions is too long, try Magic Blond. It is designed by Carnaby Laboratories. With Magic Blond you can bleach within seconds the dark fuzz that hinders your glow. The Magic Blond is offered in 2 sizes (30 or 130 grams) and eliminates even the darkest of hairs, while leaving your skin smooth. The gentle Magic Blond bleaching cream has for […]