How to do the correct demaciation

make up, brushes

You spend a lot of time in your makeup everyday, trying to look as attractive as possible. However, it is also important for your skin care not to forget the proper make-up.

It is also known to most women that only if you clean your skin perfectly from makeup ,you will be able during the night to be revitalized.

A widespread question is whether we need to use an emulsion or gel to clean the face. This depends on the time of season we are. In autumn and winter, the emulsion is preferable, but in the summer we choose the gel.

The first thing you have to do is to take care of the eye area. Removing makeup from the eyes should be done with specialized products. Spread a small amount of cotton, place it on the eyelid for a while and gently rub off the inside of the eye.

Repeat as many times as necessary, changing each time the cotton. For the lower lashes, use a cotton swab that you have previously dipped into the cleanser.

Something that many women do not know but is really important, relates to the movements we make during cleaning, which should always be upward as the opposite ones can cause skin relaxation.

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