Five small and quick beauty tips

We live in a period in which our rhythms of life are running at a very fast pace, but  we must not forget to treat ourselves at all. Many women may think that there is no time available, but here at Carnaby we will show you 5 small and, most importantly, quick tricks to look after your appearance.

1) Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most essential components of a beautiful look, but you often have the problem of having to “freshen” it because it does not last as long as you wanted. But there is a small trick that will make the difference. Before putting it, gently apply eye concealer to the lips. So when you put on the lipstick, it will more easily absorb the oil it contains and preserve the beautiful image on your lips for many hours.

2) Vaseline and perfume

An impeccable look, beyond what’s visible to the eye, is also complemented by a seductive scent. But in this case the problem is the duration. What can you do to make it last longer? Simply put some vaseline at the points you are going to spray with your cologne and you will notice the difference during the day!

3) In baking soda we trust!

Baking soda has many and important uses in terms of our beauty. But we will stand on one of the most important. Add a small amount to your face masks and you will immediately see a tremendous improvement in the fight against acne and black spots.

4) Clothes sorted by color

The dress you choose to go to work or for a walk is of course the most important part of your appearance. For most women it is also the point that they lose most of their time. A smart and easy trick is to arrange the clothes in your wardrobe from the lightest to the darkest color. With this little trick you will be more organised and you will find easier the right combinations.

5) Hairspray can do miracles! 

You’ve worn your clothes and just before you leave home you put on lipstick, but you make a wrong move and now there is a stain in your shirt!  There is no reason to panic. Spray with a hairspray at the point where the “damage” happened and you are ready!

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