Beauty Tips: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

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Every woman wants to shine and show as beautiful as possible. So she usually uses a few small “tricks” to improve her appearance.

These are some tips that sometimes have the desired effect and sometimes not. Today we are going to state the basic mistakes that are made very often and how you can avoid them.

Putting facepowder all over your whole face unnecessarily

The “T” zone is the one that needs to be poured in, as it is the area with the greatest greasyness. Putting powder to the whole face does not allow your skin to breathe and therefore it does not look beautiful and healthy.

You forget the neck

Most women when they put makeup, they focus only on their face, leaving the neck, which is a natural continuation. The result is that there is a big difference between the two parts of the body, which unfortunately has a bad optical result.

Wash youself with warm water

You wash your face daily and that’s the right thing to do. However, if you use very hot water then it is very likely that instead of opening the pores as you wish, you make your skin more dry. That’s the reason  we use only lukewarm water.

Use the towel with intense moves

As a follow-up to the previous statement, a very common mistake is that when you wash your face, after you use the towel with really intense moves. This has no good effects on your skin at all and requires gentle moves.

You comb your wet hair

Another common mistake many women make, especially during the summer, is that they make horsetails when their hair is wet, or they comb it. You must stop doing this, as it weakens the hair while creating a split.

You wash your hair every day

Daily hair shampooing can have exactly the opposite effects of what we want. Since it removes the natural oils that give it the necessary glow to your hair. That is why we have to bend in moderation.

You go for a swim immediately after the bikini depilation

Dermatologists warn that any woman who goes to swim, especially in a pool, immediately after her depilation in the bikini area, she has an increased chance of getting an infection. So plan your depilation in a way that there will be many days before bathing or taking your vacation.

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