20 timeless beauty tips

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As the years go by, things in fashion and appearance of woman change a lot but there are some tips that will always be timeless.

Haircuts that fit your way of life

During the morning you do not have too much time to get ready, so it is important to find a haircut with your hairdresser that will ensure you a great look but with as little effort as possible.

Proper tools, right result

Do not hesitate to spend enough money to get the right tools / brushes for makeup. It is an investment that will play a big part in whether the effect of your makeup is what you are seeking.

Prefer the bronze shades

A bronze powder can be used comfortably throughout the year and intelligently cover any imperfections in your skin.

We always wear sunscreen

We need to use sunscreen all year round. We live in a country with a lot of sun and if we are not careful then it is very easy for our skin to fill with wrinkles.

Take makeup lessons

Every year trends in fashion and makeup change and that is why it would be important to take some courses from professionals to help you adapt the new trends in your own style.

Eyebrows to experts

Like your hair so your eyebrows need constant care. It is therefore good to visit a specialist once every two months. On the other hand, tanned nails mean a young look.

Less make-up

It is very important to have a measure of what we do and the same applies to the use of make-up. The mistake many women make is to use a lot of make-up, which leads to exactly the opposite of what we want.

Proper skin hydration

Proper hydration of the skin is something that does not leave fashion, while playing a very important role in your appearance. Do not forget to use Carnaby’s body lotion.

Use the right sponges

Proper shuffle of makeup is very important to have the desired effect. And to do that you need to have the appropriate sponges to spread it, remove as much as necessary and refresh it after a few hours.

Change your perfume

There was an opinion in the past years that every woman must have her own perfume, but that has already been overcome. The new trend wants the woman to change her aroma according to the time of year we are in.

Use retinol

Dermatologists believe that all 20-year-old women should incorporate retinol in their daily care. It is also an ingredient that has been shown to greatly aid the appearance of the epidermis.

Say no to hard lacquers

Do not use harsh lacquers, as the shiny, moving hair gives you a liveliness and youthfulness.

Always have a transparent gloss with you

As the years go by, our lips tend to lose their collagen and their colors, which means that they look thinner and cheeky. That’s why the lip gloss gives you instant volume and glow on your lips.

Glitter your eyes

Just as with paints, so with makeup the first “touch” is always more intense. To control the intensity of the color, lay the creamy textures first on the top of your palm and then on your face. As for the powder, take care to shake the brush so as to remove the above quantity.

Smile is everything

There are some habits that unfortunately leave teeth stains that leave very difficult. The reason for red wine, coffee and tea. Try to reduce them and visit the dentist often since a beautiful smile is all about an attractive look.

Pay attention to the eyes

The skin near the eye area is particularly sensitive, which means that it needs special treatment.

Prefer the minimal makeup

For the most charming look, choose a minimalist makeup that highlights your strengths, whether it’s your eyes, lips or nose.

Search for the right red lipstick

Which woman has not worn red lipstick to show her femininity to an absolute degree? But the correct shade of red is very important and every woman needs to look enough to find what suits her.

Love yourself!

We can mention many ways to improve your appearance, but at the end of the day the most important thing is to learn to love yourself just as it is, with any imperfections you may have and make you special.


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