With this way you will lose the extra pounds until the holidays

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We have less than a month until Christmas. But it is enough time to lose some extra pounds if you follow some specific steps.

For breakfast, you should eat a slice of whole grain bread, a boiled egg and a glass of natural juice. Alternatively, try half a bowl of whole grain cereals with 2% fat milk. It is important that before lunch you do not forget to eat a seasonal fruit as a decadent.

Now let’s move on to lunch time. There are plenty of choices to keep a balanced diet and to lose the extra pounds. As a main dish you can have either fish or chicken, beef steak or even 2 medium burgers.

You can accompany them with a small salad with a spoonful of olive oil, as well as a slice of bread or 1 medium roasted / boiled potato or half a cup of rice. Pulses are also allowed in 1.5 cups and cooked with one tablespoon of oil per serving. Cheese can eat 30 grams of low fat and one slice of bread or two toasted bread.

It is also very important in the afternoon, where you can eat either a fruit or a cereal bar again. And we go to dinner, for which we have three choices. A yogurt bowl with 2% fat, fruit salad with 2 fruits, 1 tablespoon of cereals and one teaspoon of honey.

Another choice is an Arabic pie with a slice of low fat cheese and a slice of turkey. Finally, a third choice is 180 grams of chicken (roasted or boiled) with one tablespoon of olive oil, accompanying it with a cup of broccoli.

But beyond the diet proposed above, there are other things to keep in mind if you want to lose extra pounds until the Christmas holidays.

Do not omit meals and do not reduce the quantities

If you do so, the result will be to get hungry and eat more at one of the following meals. And this is something you should avoid, since small and frequent meals are what help you burn calories more easily.

You should drink plenty of water

Beyond the proper nutrition to follow, it is absolutely necessary to drink plenty of water as it helps to hydrate your body but also to eliminate toxins.

No to over-consumpt of healthy food

The fact that a food is classified as healthy does not mean that if we overdo it for example by eating a lot of fruit we will have the desired effect. In all things in life, and in our diet, we must have a measure.

Do not stay at home

You may have chosen to make a particular diet, but that does not mean you have to be locked in the house. You can go out with your friends but watch your meal.

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