Tips for great and healthy nails

The nails of a woman are also important in the overall image, so we will show you tips to keep them healthy and beautiful in appearance.

  • It is important for your nails to be hydrated to show that they have liveliness and luster. This can be accomplished by massaging a small amount of vaseline, which also helps in better blood circulation.
  • Remember to thoroughly dry the toenails and toes after each contact they may have with the water (bath, dishwashing, etc.). They should dry well in order to avoid moisture and avoid fungal infection
  • Clean the surface of your nail from the cuticles, pushing it inwards daily. Use a wooden pointed spatula found in beauty shops
  • Make exfoliation in your hands. This will remove the dead cells and make them soft and plush.
  • Immerse your hands in cut lemon for 15 seconds and then rinse thoroughly with water. Citric acid acts as a bleach and will improve the look of your nails if they have stained or yellowed.
  • A useful trick for better nail painting is to first pass a little vinegar on their surface.
  • Do not forget that it is important to leave your nails at least one day undamaged in order to be able to “breathe”.
  • Take care to cut your nails so that they are refreshed and grow faster.
  • In addition to what we have said, the diet that you follow is of course also important. Consume more cauliflower, soybeans, walnuts and lentils, which are rich in biotin, a vitamin that prevents their tearing and breakage. The omega-6 fatty acids, which are found in almost all foods and especially in vegetable oils, are just as powerful as your toenails.

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