Love your skin

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The beauty of a woman exists not only in her appearance, not just in her inner features. Beauty is also simple moments, moments during the day that will make her feel special, will make her shine.

Moments like a touch from her boyfriend, her husband, her child. The caress of the sun on her skin as she comes out of her first summer bath in the sea.

Moments that will make her excited, she will remember them all her life. Her first kiss, moving to a new house, her marriage, her first child. Even in stumbling blocks, even in more difficult moments, she will get stronger.

In all these moments Carnaby will be there. In all the caresses that you are going to feel on your skin, in all the compliments you will receive about the softness and shine of your skin.

Every time someone will “get drunk” by the scent that rises from the pores of your skin and makes you feel special.

The products of the new Carnaby Infinity series are designed with the focus on you, the woman. 7 Body Oil and Body Lotion, each of them has its own distinct aroma, with a pioneering composition enhanced with aloe vera, vitamin E and valuable nutritional oils.

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