An ice cube can make the diference

παγάκι, ποτήρι,

The internet and the way it works nowadays allows us to find many “tricks” and secrets about how we can improve our appearance, even with an ice cube.

One of the last “tricks” that have seen the spotlight recently has to do with an ice cube. Especially it is about how it can serve the right makeup of the person.

A beauty blogger became viral when she published a video in which she seems to get an ice cube and pass it all over her face. It uses it essentially as a primer before makeup.

The amazing is that the result justifies it. There are many other makeup specialists who agree with this method and find it very effective.

This reasoning and its effectiveness are based on the fact that cold shrinks pores of the epidermis. At the same time, the ice does not contain the ingredients of the various primer marketed on the market.

Surely it may not be the most appropriate way to use an ice cube. But it is a very smart and inexpensive solution especially if you run out of primer.

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