Other methods of hair removal

Other methods of hair removal

Besides the hair removal methods mentioned in other sections, people also use the "ancient" method of hair removal with tweezers, the somewhat newer method of electrolysis and the modern method of using laser for hair removal.

This method is appropriate only for the eyebrow area, where accuracy is required.

In the late 1980, scientists attempted to “kill” the hair at the root by inserting and twisting a needle with sulfuric acid into the hair follicle. During the 20th century, this method was perfected which resulted in what we now know today as electrolysis. However, some time after removal, a new root cell is created in the same region, causing the reappearance of hair.

Laser Hair Removal
Using laser to remove hair, costs a lot. It is admittedly the newest method of hair removal and cosmetic treatment, but it must be applied by a trained specialist, in a beauty institute, with a special license, for a particular machine! In addition, the number of sessions one needs depends on the size of the area they want to epilate, but usually it is between 2 and 4 visits.